10 Best IPhone Property Apps

Being an adult is amazing as you get to purchase your own home, live by your rules and do not have to be answerable to anyone. However, the downside to being a liable adult is having to buy as well as maintain your own home. To make this whole thing more manageable, there are iPhone apps that have been designed to help out in different areas of ownership and renting of property. There are hundreds of iPhone property apps available and this article outlines the 10 best.

1. My Mortgage Mentor

This iPhone property app keeps track of many properties and helps scrutinize the finances of each. This app’s strongest point is the manner it handles hypothetical situations, allowing you analyze all styles of mortgage-related questions. The results are then presented in beautiful, simple graphs making tricky decisions easier.

2. Knight Frank Property Search

This property app specializes in locating luxury houses available for rent or sale and it is your thing if you love to live the high life. The GPS functionality allows you to find the smartest houses and apartments around you, or even in the world using your iPhone. After finding your dream home, this app also delivers brochures and floor plans for you to actually get a feel of the place.

3. Realtor.com Real Estate Search

This app has everything you might need and more. It has an impressive four million properties readily available for sale across America. Its other features are also stunning, and they allow you go through and get exactly what you are looking for as per your requirements.

4. MyTown

This app allows you to know of the property for sale and rent in your town. As a free of charge game, it is among the more well-polished and addictive iPhone property apps in the store. Over three million MyTowners cannot be wrong.

5. Investment Property Valuator

This is a very current app. Its interface is smartly designed to offer you precisely the info you require with very little input. It also gives you the ability to set the period of investment to ten years.

6. iLandlord

This app helps you to organize your tenants and property properly. It has everything you would imagine from a professional leasing app- financial and work histories for each property, late payments alerts and operating expenses. iLandlord has a superb communitarian platform that makes it outstanding.

7. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

This is the best property app for you if you have just relocated and need some insight on decorating and designing your new place. It has more than 100,000 pictures showcasing the best decorating tricks and design ideas. Houzz also assists you to find designers and contractors in your area.

8. TourNarrator

This is the app for you if you are selling a home. It allows you to speedily note, with voice recordings and photos, any comments or questions from prospective buyers which can be tackled afterwards. This is a great app for both real estate agents and private sellers doing their own tours or advertising their home.

9. iOwe

This is an easy but effective property app for tracking your mortgage payments, rent, utilities and coffee bills among others. It has an interesting new feature that lets you see a statistical scrutiny of previous transactions.

10. SilverDoor

This app is ideal for business people who keep travelling or for those looking to stay in something a little more considerable than a standard hotel room when they travel. SilverDoor gives you photos, descriptions, rates and ratings of serviced apartments worldwide.

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Jeffery loves technology and using his iPad to keep track of investment opportunities and property for sale in derby.

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