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10 Google Analytics Tricks to Use for Your Website

It makes little sense for websites not to make optimum use of the statistics and data thrown up by Google Analytics. This free SEO tool has no many tricks up its sleeves that are lie wasted. In this post you can pick up 10 Google Analytics Tricks that can transform your website and take it to the next level in the SEO domain. Read on:


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  • Setup Goals: Every website has a goal or objective. This is necessary to evaluate how far you have walked and what distance still needs to be covered. Setup Goals on Google Analytics and find out at every point in time how you are faring as per your long-term goals are concerned.
  • Site Speed: A boon for websites, this will help you track how much time your website is consuming to get into your user’s computer. You can track down individual web pages and evaluate what you can do to speed up the uploading time for these pages.
  • Google Webmaster Tools: This free tool can change the dynamics of your SEO program if you can interpret the data and implement the lessons learnt. You will be able to check the ranks of your keywords, the link building machinery and also information provided by Google crawlers that index your website.
  • Event Tracking: Online footprints are necessary for some serious introspection about what you are doing well and where you need to improve. With this tool, you can check up how many downloads you have from your website, which ads are doing better, which links users are clicking more and even how many errors a visitor ran up against on your website.
  • Site Search: The individual search box in your website is a treasure-trove of information. You can get to know the exact keywords that online visitors are looking for. You can optimize your website better with the help of these keywords. Activating the Site Search option on Google Analytics will help you get these keywords.
  • Multi-channel Funnels: It is important for every SEO team to know the source of their incoming online traffic. You can improve your conversion rate once you know the sources from where you are getting the maximum number of online visits. With Multi-channel Funnels, you will be able to locate all those sources, like social media networks, or PPC ads or simply organic referrals that bring users to your website.
  • Real-time Reporting: Google Analytics can get you real-time reports about your website. In other words, you can check instantly as to how many visitors are there on your website and from where they have showed up. You can also get their geographic locations, along with the online source from where they checked into your website!
  • Plot Rows: For more value and analysis from your Google Analytics reports, choose Plot Rows. Click the Plot Rows button on any tabular report by checking two rows. On doing so, you will be able to access added information so that you can compare keywords and other metrics.
  • Flow Visualization: This tool from Google Analytics is a boon for those who want to improve the navigation on their website. This will help you check the routes taken by visitors on your websites and where they spent time to go through your material.
  • Dashboards: Tired of the old traditional dashboard of Google Analytics? Step it up by creating a customized dashboard that contains all your primary metrics! You can also pull data from the older version or start from scratch again.

Author’s Bio: Rio Braganza is a content writer for many web design blog. Also he works for Best Midlands Design Agency.

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