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10 Unique Gadgets

The innovation of the modern technology has blessed us with a huge range of gadgets that has made our lives a lot more fun and a little easier. However, as modernization take today’s gadgets to greater height, some just can’t help but to exaggerate the use of technology, creating electronics and gadgets that are out of this world. Here are 10 of them which you don’t regularly see in your local gadget shops; most of which that could either make your brows raise, or give you a good laugh.

Gadget charging station

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Gadget charging station: The gadget charging stations are gadgets themselves. There are plenty of them available in the market. However, the grass charging station is surely one of the coolest gadgets that you can use to charge your gadgets. The charging station is designed as a grassland, though the grass is artificial.

iCarta iPod toilet paper holder: This is one of the excavators that sounds funny but are actually very effective gadgets. This toilet paper holder makes music that you can enjoy. We spend a good amount of time in the toilet every morning. Listening to music can be entertaining when you in the toilet.

LED Umbrella: This is one of the most attractive unusual gadgets that you can buy. Many people love to walk in the rain, but the situation changes if it’s night outside. The LED umbrella produces light that helps you to see clearly. It also makes you look extremely stylish.

Burglar Blaster: This burglar security protection system is not a common one. It has the most devastating protection measures, which is pepper spray. No matter what kind of forceful entry the burglars try to pull off, they can escape this special gadget.

LCD screen belt buckle: This is one of the most attractive excavators for the movie lovers. If you want to enjoy a good movie on the go, then all you need is to just take your belt off. This buckle has an LCD screen which will display high quality picture. You can use an SD card with the 2 GB internal memory.

Moonlight cushion: As the name suggests, this is almost just a cushion. The cushion is comfortable and made with quality material. The only difference with an everyday cushion is that this one glows like moonlight. It has a LED light function. The cushions glow with different colors to make your evenings special.

Heating gloves: The heating gloves will save your hands from cold. If you are having trouble working on the computer because of cold hands then this item will help. It comes with a USB connection. You can connect it to your computer and it will warm your hands in minutes.

Mindset headphones: Among all the unusual excavators, this one is probably the best one. This headphone can be connected to your computer, smart phone, or other gadgets. Once you put it on, you can see how your mind works by playing games where you have to move objects with your mind.

ChiliBed: This is one gadget that we all will love to have. This mattress is controlled by room temperature. Thus, it automatically adjusts to the prevailing room temperature for offering you a good night’s sleep.

Nomos touch screen faucet: This is a tap, but not a regular one. The excavators taps can be controlled with simple touch. You can control the pressure and the temperature.

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