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10 Ways to Leverage Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

The advent of social media has created a buzzword in the business circles. A range of companies have joined the social media movement by creation of profiles on sites as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This is being done with the sole objective of engaging customers, creating awareness about the brand, driving increased traffic to the website.


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However, the efforts can be enhanced creatively if these social media profiles created by companies are integrated into social media marketing strategy. This requires time, dedication and commitment as the same are some of the key imperatives of achieving the social media marketing goals.

Sadly, this imperative area of leveraging the efforts across social media marketing channels are often ignored while setting and managing of social media profiles.

The options for the same are endless but the below listed tips will enable you to start leveraging the social media marketing efforts.

1.) Promoting the Social Media icon

A worthy start can be made by promoting the social media icon. You can include your social media icon in various kind of promotional material that you might be using. This varies from business cards, email signatures to online press releases that you keep on making to promote your endeavor. Do not ignore the traditional means of advertising as newspaper, radio advertising and magazine.

2.) Take help from website designer

The website design should be such so that it integrates well into the social media profile. You can have a Twitter background or a custom landing page on the Facebook page. This will not only help you integrate your business core essence into the social media circle but will help you promote your business venture across multiple categories. You can take help from some website designers who will help you accomplish this task.

3.) Be consistent

You will need to be consistent with the branding across all the social media marketing channels. If you are able to retain a consistent brand or theme message across the spectrum it will allow for instant customer recognition and will help up in building brand awareness too.

4.) Adding the social sharing icons

You can also consider adding the social sharing icons the your website and blog. Online sharing icons are available and you can customize some as per your imminent need. By choosing this channel of promotion you will be able to reach a wider audience with minimal expenses entailed.

5.) Use cross platform promotion tools

A range of cross platform promotion tools are available and can be used for business promotion across the spectrum. Tools as Hootsuite and TweetDeck help one promote the endeavor and you will be able to publish the updates across all the social media platforms with a single click.

You will need to update on a regular basis. However, it is recommended to have personalized updates for a niche category of customers as they will feel relevant and will connect in a better way if you follow this strategy.

6.) Add Facebook and Twitter news feed to the website

You developer needs to add Facebook and Twitter news feed to the website. This will encourage the visitors to follow conversions, events and leads that are available on the website from time to time.

7.) Updating the FAQ section

This is an imperative that most website owners ignore. You will need to update the Frequently Asked Question( FAQ) section on the website and include the commonly asked questions that are made via the social media channels. This includes questions asked through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Sometimes these questions make for excellent blog posts and articles that can be posted on the website too. Additionally, these questions give you the chance to retrospect and improve upon your mistakes.

8.) Joining established Social Media Marketing groups

You should join established Social Media Marketing groups as this not only widens the social circle but also connects you to people in the industry thus helping you broaden your horizon and venture beyond your niche areas of interest.

9.) Word of Mouth

This is just not an offline mode of communication. Its significance is same in the online world too and it can help you reach multiple people with a single update or tweet. Make full use of this and post updates regularly. Your reach will widen and you will be able to connect with new people.

10.) Measuring the Social Media Marketing efforts

You should be measuring the Social Media Marketing efforts regularly. Use tools as Google Analytics to measure the success matrix of your initiatives. This will help you become better and increase your reach.

Follow the above listed measures and you will be in a better position to leverage your social media marketing efforts.

About The Author: Margaret is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to Social Cloud.

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