12 Awesome Gift Ideas For Geeks

If you’ve got a geeky friend who really doesn’t appreciate getting a wallet or a pair of gloves as gifts, don’t feel lost. We’ve come up with 12 awesome gift ideas that’ll appeal to your geek pal’s geekiest side! In the geek gift world, there’s no lack of imagination when it comes to creating the quirkiest geeky gift, whether it’s keyboard command cufflinks or an interactive drum player shirt!

1. Interactive Drum T-Shirt

Interactive Drum T-Shirt

Some people cannot keep their hands still; they’ve got to be drumming something or the other. So if your pal is that way, get them a T-shirt with a built-in drum kit. Your friend will spend many happy hours tapping away on the drums on this shirt; the sound actually comes through the embedded speaker! The very best gift for a winnable rockstar, these electronic shirts come to you from thinkgeek.com. You can play 7 different drum sounds on this shirt; the volume is adjustable. The battery pack and speaker are in a hidden pocket near the shirt hem.

2. Pacman Sofa

Get yourself the quirky and innovative Pacman Sofa set which has two large, Pac Man shaped seats, with a wedge mouth and eye. Plus, there are Pac Man ‘power pills’, chewy looking cubes that fit perfectly into the square wedge that is the Pac Man mouth. You can arrange these sofa sets in a number of ways.

3. USB Based Webmail Notifier

Get this quirky USB Webmail Notifier from Curiosite.com which indicates your email status in different colors. Blue light indicates new email, a full inbox means red and green when your inbox is empty. You can use the USB Webmail Notifier with various webmail services, email desktop clients, and ISP with POP3 services.

4. Lego Star Wars Chewbacca & Storm Trooper Alarm Clock

Consider getting your pal a super geeky crescendo alarm clock that’s not just fun to look at but gets louder and louder till you turn it off. This clock is made out of 21 Lego pieces, featuring Japanese Quartz movement from thinkgeek.com.

5. Mus2

This cordless computer mouse looks like a computer cursor, fits beautifully in your hand and is easy to use. It’s an optical mouse that comes with an 800 DPI optical sensor resolution and a potential frame speed of 2300 fbs. This mouse comes to you from Art Lebedev, who has also designed the Optimus Maximus Keyboard. You can get the cursor mouse either in black or white; whenever the battery needs to be changed, you’ll be notified by the power meter.

6. IPhone App Magnets

Everyone needs fridge magnets. How about getting your geeky pal a set of cute fridge magnets designed in the form of iPhone app logos? These cute magnets will provide just the right touch for anyone’s fridge.

7. Social Media Pillows

Everyone buys cushions for their homes, but do you have one that has the Facebook or Twitter logo on it? These 100% soft, plump handmade Social Media pillows are embroidered and appliquéd with social media logos for that geeky person who cannot stay away from their FaceBook account. These pillows are available on Craftsquatch’s shop on Etsy.

8. Text Talk Vinyl Shower Curtain

Throw away those boring old curtains and get yourself a Text Talk Vinyl shower curtain from Bed Bath & Beyond. Every emoticon you’ve ever used in a chat or email software is printed on this curtain, along with a textual description of what the emoticon stands for!

9. Chargepod

The Chargepod from callpod.com charges six gadgets simultaneously, using different adapters for each gadget type. So if you carry around a Bluetooth headset, an iPod, and a couple of phones and are constantly tripping over multiple charging cords, this Chargepod is for you. You also get a mini-USB adapter and a voucher for an extra adapter.

10. Wow Beer Stein

How about a fabulously designed stoneware beer stein, handcrafted in the style of old by the famous stein artisans of Ceramarte for your video game fanatic pal? These artists have bas-relief sculpted and painted the stone steins using exclusive artwork by the creators of the World of Warcraft game. This are limited edition beer steins, available at Amazon.com.

11. Wi-Fi Detection T-Shirt

If you’re in a Wi-Fi zone, the glowing bars on this black cotton t-shirt from ThinkGeek.com dynamically change according to signal fluctuations. You can remove the animated decal flashing rows before washing the shirt. The shirt works continuously for 4 hours on three AAA batteries.

12. Keyboard Command Cufflinks

When your geek pal puts on a formal shirt, how about they put on a pair of keyboard command cufflinks instead of regular ones? These shiny sterling silver cufflinks that spell out keyboard commands such as Delete, Help, Ctrl and Esc are delightful and a conversation starter.

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