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Archives for January 2007

Puzzle Alarm Clock

"When the appointed time arrives to open your eyes, the four puzzle pieces connected to the Puzzle Alarm Clock will be fired up in the air - followed by an incessant ringing that will not stop until you manage to find all four pieces and place them back into the clock itself...."read more | digg story … [Read more...]

First Nintendo Wii News Channel Tour and Screenshots

The Nintendo Wii's News Channel is basically a news wire service fed by AP stories. With a twist. By activating globe mode, you get hundreds of stories scattered across a 3D Globe, with thumbnailed images. The screenshots are pretty damn cool.read more | digg story … [Read more...]

New Helmet Camera from Stuntcams.com captures the inside of a tornado

National Geographic research team did the near impossible - they chased down a tornado and placed a probe with video cameras (KPC-650CH) directly in its path. Beginning at precisely 2:23 p.m. the team caught images that have - in a breakthrough - made it possible to calculate wind speeds close to the ground, where tornadoes rip through human lives.read more | digg story … [Read more...]

Windows Vista Sidebar: Your Visual Blueprints to Developing Cool Gadgets for the Windows OS

Windows Vista Sidebar: Your Visual Blueprints to Developing Cool Gadgets for the Windows OS * More than 500 screenshots explain Vista sidebar tasks using two-page spreads for easy and focused learning * Shows users how to improve their daily computing lives by creating fun and useful gadgets on the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system-also compatible with Windows XP-with customized solutions such as local weather bugs, news headlines, and even a convenient way to control Windows Media Player * Follows the well-known and trusted Visual Blueprint approach using clear, … [Read more...]

Magellan RoadMate 2200T Portable GPS

The RoadMateâ„¢ 2200T announces audio directions and displays visual cues of your route well before the next turn, so you never have to move your eyes from the road to the screen while driving. Choose your route according to briefest time or shortest distance — you can even avoid toll roads! SmartDetourâ„¢ prompts you on how to avoid trouble spots, and in case you miss a turn, Auto-Reroute recalculates the best course. The 3.5" high-resolution and anti-glare screen displays 3D bird's-eye and standard map views, plus almost two million points of interest: restaurants, hotels, airports and … [Read more...]

Make an iNoPhone (Apple mouse Bluetooth headset)

iNoPhone combines two products - a former Apple mouse and a bluetooth headset into one small and lightweight handheld device. iNoPhone uses a proven user interface based on one button, letting you control your calls with just one finger. So it ushers in an era of sophistication never before seen in a bluetooth device.read more | digg story … [Read more...]

Cordless Electric Knife with LED Lights

Electric knives are convenient in every way — except for the always in-your-way plug-in cord! That's why we're pleased to offer this cordless model — it runs on batteries. As you navigate the roasted bird, maneuver it at will — its dual serrated blades move easily and precisely through meats with virtually no effort on your part; just press a button. The ergonomic handle is nothing like a standard knife's — and it is beautifully designed for comfortable use by anyone. Two bright LED lights ensure you see exactly where you're slicing. Measures 17" long (blade is 7" long) and weighs 2.3 … [Read more...]

Battlefield 2 Limited Edition Keyset

The Limited Edition Keyset from Zboardâ„¢ delivers an immersive gaming experience. Developed exclusively for Battlefield® 2 title, it features ‘buttefly’ keys enlarged and sloped to keep your fingers comfortable for mission after mission. Moreover, all game commands are labeled on the keys for fast command execution. You can rapidly change weapons, throw grenades, reload, crouch and jump with dome shaped buttons that deliver excellence in speed, action and control. Additionally, you can take control of over 30 land, sea and air vehicles, including tanks, helicopters, hovercraft, fast … [Read more...]

Escort Cordless Solo S2 Radar/Laser Detector

Escort's Solo S2 radar/laser detector features a new and improved high-resolution graphic LCD with an easy-to-read brilliant blue backlight. It provides super-reliable visual and audible early warnings over the longest range available in a wireless device — including a 400% improvement on the ultra-elusive Superwide Ka band. The discreet portable wireless device is ideal for drivers who own multiple vehicles or those who frequently use rental cars. A state-of-the-art waveguide antenna and a new low-powered digital receiver offers long-range 360° detection on all radar bands from miles … [Read more...]

104-Key Eclipse Keyboard – Special Night-Vision Red Edition

Designed to take care of your everyday keyboarding requirements, the Eclipse Keyboard from Saitekâ„¢ is an excellent keyboard that is ideal for use in any lighting condition - from day to total darkness. This keyboard features 104 silver keys. Also, these keys incorporate TrueVu illumination that lets the red lighting to glow through each key – making it possible to read the keys in the dark. A zero-slope design and adjustable wrist rest ensure enhanced comfort and stress-free typing. The Eclipse keyboard also includes a host of features such as USB connectivity and a sleek black finish. … [Read more...]