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New gadget for gaming Cyborg Rumble Gamepad

Saitek introduced an interesting new gaming gadget the Cyborg Rumble gamepad. Cyborg Rumble gamepad allows you to change the location of the left analog stick and D-pad. Also very cool is the Precision Control mode that allows you to choose the buttons on the gamepad to desensitize when the mode …

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NTT Flet Phone VP2000 odd design

This is an odd looking cell phone. It looks like a tablet but is not. Flet’s Phone VP2000 which offers video calls capability through a 0.3 mega-pixel webcam. This new video cell phone has a 12.1-inch XGA display where user can read emails and browse the internet. The Flet’s Phone …

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Krups Metal Toaster with LCD Screen

Probably the best looking toaster is the Krups Metal Toaster with LCD Screen. The LCD display that lets you know just when your toast will be ready, The Krups Metal Toaster costs $60. See more gadgets.

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Jasco GE Universal Remote

The design of Jasco GE Universal Remote is unique and is meant not only for a great aspect but also to help the user operate the remote control buttons fast and easy. The one-of-a-kind design also features key functions on the outside of the remote, so volume, channel, and power …

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Walkman Abiste E010 from Sony cool music player

Sony will launch a new great looking music player Walkman Abiste E010. The cap of the E-series players looks so good because is using Swarovski crystals. Walkman Abiste E010 will be available on blue, gold, pink, purple and black. The players will have 1GB, 2GB and 4GB capacities and they …

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