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Archives for July 2007

The only watch that show the real time the Now watch

Now watch sows the real time the hi-tech LCD display shows NOW. It is a very good gadget if you want to remember to live the moment. It is also a good gift for the ones that lives in the past or thinks at the future too much. See more funny gadgets. … [Read more...]

New gadget for gaming Cyborg Rumble Gamepad

Saitek introduced an interesting new gaming gadget the Cyborg Rumble gamepad. Cyborg Rumble gamepad allows you to change the location of the left analog stick and D-pad. Also very cool is the Precision Control mode that allows you to choose the buttons on the gamepad to desensitize when the mode is activated, making sniping and precision tasks easier. Pricing and availability for the Cyborg Rumble gamepad are currently unknown. … [Read more...]

NTT Flet Phone VP2000 odd design

This is an odd looking cell phone. It looks like a tablet but is not. Flet's Phone VP2000 which offers video calls capability through a 0.3 mega-pixel webcam. This new video cell phone has a 12.1-inch XGA display where user can read emails and browse the internet. The Flet's Phone VP2000 has support for FOMA 3G technology. The price for this gadget will be around $560. … [Read more...]

Krups Metal Toaster with LCD Screen

Probably the best looking toaster is the Krups Metal Toaster with LCD Screen. The LCD display that lets you know just when your toast will be ready, The Krups Metal Toaster costs $60. See more gadgets. … [Read more...]

Jasco GE Universal Remote

The design of Jasco GE Universal Remote is unique and is meant not only for a great aspect but also to help the user operate the remote control buttons fast and easy. The one-of-a-kind design also features key functions on the outside of the remote, so volume, channel, and power on/off can be performed even in the closed position. Controls up to four devices: TV, VCR, DVD, and Satellite/Cable. The cost for a Jasco GE Universal Remote is $18.99. … [Read more...]

Bionic Hand promise to help people with disabilities

The Bionic Hand was invented by David Gow. The Bionic Hand thumb and fingers can move and grip just like a human hand and it is unique because it is uses patient's mind and muscles control the movements. The bionic hand rival is X finger. … [Read more...]

You can have a Liquidmetal Flash Drive with your own logo engraved

Liquidmetal is Sandisk partner which makes the best custom USB drives. On Liquidmetal site there are four choices of template for the flash drives and it is offered the possibility to engrave the USB flash drives with your own logo. … [Read more...]

Music Center Shanling MC-30 for your iPod

The latest gadget for iPod is the MC-30 Music Center from Shanling. MC-30 is a hi-fi CD player, tuner, iPod dock and tube power amplifier. The design is very cool, as you can see. Shanling MC-30 Music Center is a brushed aluminum CD player and tuner with 3 watts per channel. Of course you can control everything from an included remote control. The price for this audio gadget is $994.99 at Elusivedisc.com Before you buy a music center read about iPod speakers from Hisungtech, or about the iPod Sound Blast Speaker System. You may also want to have a look at the iDJ. … [Read more...]

Walkman Abiste E010 from Sony cool music player

Sony will launch a new great looking music player Walkman Abiste E010. The cap of the E-series players looks so good because is using Swarovski crystals. Walkman Abiste E010 will be available on blue, gold, pink, purple and black. The players will have 1GB, 2GB and 4GB capacities and they will use a three-line color LCD. The Sony Walkman Abiste E010 has a quick-charge mode that supplies enough power for three hours of music. The battery life (without using the quick charge function) will be 30 hours. Abiste E010 will cost $128 for 1GB, $150 for 2GB and 200 for 4GB version. This new cool … [Read more...]

Katana DLX and Katana II in cool colors from Sprint and Sanyo

Sprint and Sanyo introduced Katana DLX and Katana II in cool colors. Se the Katana DLX and Katana II pictures below. These are some cool gadgets. For more details visit Sprint site at http://www2.sprint.com/mr/news_dtl.do?id=17500. … [Read more...]