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Archives for October 2007

Grocery List Organizer

Grocery List Organizer promises to improve your shoping experience. Grocery List Organizer uses voice recognition software and a 2,500 grocery items preprogramed. Once you speak your unsorted grocery items into this voice-recognition device, it sorts them by category and prints your list on thermal paper (so it doesn’t need ink). This unusual gadget costs $149.99 at Target.com. … [Read more...]

Remote control cars

Remote Control Cars are a good gift idea for children and adults. We all love to play with a performant remote control car and with today new technologies the cars become more advanced, the maximum speeds are higher, they look better and the game feeling is great. The remote cars are not for everyone because they are pretty expensive. The most popular remote control cars are Nitro and Trucks. Nitro RC Cars use a unique type of fuel called ’nitro’ which is a mixture of 3 elements: nitro methane, methanol and oil. Before buying a Nitro car you must determine whether you want to use them … [Read more...]

Good prices for refurbished iPods

For the ones who don’t know what refurbished means please read my previous post called What are refurbished gadgets. Buying a refurbished iPod is a smart move because you will get a good Mp3 player for a smaller price. Second Act is an online retailer of HDTVs and of audio and video gadgets. You will find product that is factory refurbished, factory closeouts and overstocks, end-of-life, open box and more all at bargain prices. For more details visit their promotions page http://www.secondact.com/category/promo. I have found 2 iPods that I liked: Apple iPod Nano 4GB (Black) - Refurbished … [Read more...]

Shop for gadgets

I have created a category called buy gadgets, but I didn’t made a post to this category for some time. So this post is about where to shop for gadgets. The web shop Techlinestore announced Great Deals on Xbox 360, PS3, Halo 3 so I have gone there and I will share with you the most interesting gadgets from there. The first gadget that attract my attention was Xbox Friends Bundle. Xbox Friends Bundle include: 3 Extra Controllers for a better gaming experience 1 Xbox Wheel for super drive feeling DVD Xbox Remote for easy control 37 games: 1 Midway Arcade Treasures 2 (20 Games), 1 Forza … [Read more...]

Online Printing

Area Printing&Design is an online printing company for Brochures, Business Cards, Postcards, Flyers, Letterhead, Envelopes, Newsletters, Calendars, Greeting Cards, Rack Cards, Notepads, Catalog/Booklets, Presentation Folders, Business Card Magnets, Vinyl Banners, Posters and other Custom Jobs. All this you can order online and save your time. Also you can order a free Sample Kit which contains a variety of printed samples, a paper sample guide and other helpful information to get you started. Area Printing&Design is a team of professionals who are dedicated to meeting your … [Read more...]

Internet Credit Card Processing

Do you need to accept credit cards for your internet business? You’ll need an Internet Credit Card Processing Merchant Account. You can get it free from MerchantExpress.com. They offer you everything you need get started to accept credit cards including free Authorize.net payment gateway setup, no set-up fees and super-low rates starting at just 1.77% and .19 per transaction. So, you’ll get a free Authorize.net setup with each Internet Credit Card Processing Merchant Account. What means that? It means that you don’t need to buy your own secure certificate. Plus you get a FREE Authorize.net … [Read more...]

Audience Response Systems

Audience response is a type of interaction associated with the use of audience response systems, to create interactivity between a presenter and his audience. Also audience response systems allow large groups of people to vote on a topic or answer a question. ComTec is one of the oldest and largest providers of Audience Response Systems and Services in the USA. They develop audience response software products for use within the management consulting marketplace. Their software products Unity XP, Synthesis XP, and Elect XP are designed exclusively for Fleetwood Reply systems. Unity XP is a … [Read more...]

Handvertising: Advertisers looking at your skin in a new way

So you have seen advertisements from commercials to billboards. Now advertisers are looking at your skin to place their ads! Look at how this Orange County based company is getting venues to let advertisers on their customer’s hands. This is a new form of advertising and is completely different from the television commercials and magazine ads people are used to. What do you call advertising on your hands? "Well I like to call it Handvertising", said Mike Brown CEO of Handvertising USA. Handvertising USA is transforming the way advertisers are looking at your skin, more specifically your … [Read more...]

USB mini Fridge new cool USB gadget

USB Mini Fridge is a new cool USB gadget. The USB Mini Fridge cools your drinks from 5V USB power. It works with PC, Mac, X360, PS2, PS3. The USB Fridge is very chic but it can't be used with larger cans (more than 12oz). This gadget can be yours for US$33.00 from Usb.Brando.com.hk. … [Read more...]

Customer relationship management (CRM)

What is CRM? Customer relationship management (CRM) is a broad term that covers concepts used by companies to manage their relationships with customers, including the capture, storage and analysis of customer, vendor, partner, and internal process information. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia CRM builds a full profile of the client which is then accessible to other members of your organization and allows your team to see each others schedules and to network more efficiently through the application. Customer relationship management software is becoming a must in today businesses. A … [Read more...]