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Archives for November 2007

R2D2 Projector

R2D2 Projector For the Star Wars obsessed there is no other way to enjoy Star Wars DVDs, games or music. The R2-D2 Projector projects bright clear images onto walls and even projects onto the ceiling. See price … [Read more...]

EzVision Video eyewear

EzVision Video eyewear These are all very Blade Runner meets Minority Report. Basically these space age shades are your very own take anywhere 50 inch movie screen. Weighing in at just 68g, ezVision Video specs plug into your iPod Video or any portable video/movie/DVD player and screens your movies in such a way that it seems as though you're looking at a huge screen. They allow you to zone out from the world around you and get right into the movie, slide show, or whatever. There are retractable headphones that are built into the arms of the specs, so you can truly plug-in and zone-out. … [Read more...]

Turbo Tortoise Racing Set

Turbo Tortoise Racing Set These wind up racing Turbo Tortoises (surely tortoi would sound better?) are wonderfully stupid. We use the word Turbo in its loosest possible translation, as these daft creatures race along at a snails pace, with their cute cartoonesque faces looking somewhat perplexed. Pit their laconic athleticism against one another and watch as they sprint (well, poddle) along towards the finishing line that they may never reach in our lifetime. Sometimes going fast isn't all it's cracked up to be. You can have this for £7.99 … [Read more...]


Roboquad Try to imagine a cross between some manic robot from Starship Troopers and robot No 5 from that strange film in the eighties whose name escapes me, and your halfway to getting what Roboquad is about. More fun than a puppy, and considerably cheaper and less messy, this nutty bot has more personality than a reality TV contestant (admittedly that's not much of a challenge) and dances better than pretty well anyone over the age of 30. This daft quadruped has multi-articulated legs that enable him to dash about in a thoroughly engaging way, avoiding obstacles and reacting to sound. He … [Read more...]

USB Flower Fan

USB Flower Fan Of course, the last place you want to be on a hot and sunny day is at your desk. You can have this for £9.95 … [Read more...]


Homersapien Homersapien goes where you instruct him to, when you ask. Will pick items up, throw things in the bin. And with a selection of Homer catchphrases will even make you laugh on command. See price … [Read more...]

RC Sumos

RC Sumos Skip the years of training and binge eating (well maybe not the eating) needed to hone your body into the mighty mass of a Sumo Wrestler, and avoid having to wear a nappy in public with these ridiculous RC battlers. Lay out the ring, place your mighty wrestlers at the edge and charge! These two cartoon pot-bellied Sumos are at your command, and all you need to do is use your wits and R/C dexterity (as opposed to body mass) to force your opponent from the ring. Use his massive feet to tip the other one over, spin round to side-swipe him, or just go full speed ahead and shove him out … [Read more...]

NuVue 7inch

NuVue 7inch The NV-710 has a high resolution, bright 7" TFT screen displaying digital photos in vivid color. You can 'play' your very own slideshow of photographs directly from your memory card - you can shoot pictures during the day, and be showing them off straight away. The frame automatically resizes your pictures to fit, and allows you to chose between 7 different time intervals, and sixteen different transition effects between your photos. You can have this for £69.95 … [Read more...]

R2D2 Web Cam and USB Lightsaber Phone

R2D2 Web Cam and USB Lightsaber Phone Listen up. No self-respecting Star Wars fan would be seen without the R2-D2 Web Camera. So we advise you to buy the R2-D2 Web Camera immediately, to prevent being excommunicated by the wider online Star Wars community. See price … [Read more...]

Spa Lights

Spa Lights Whether you're basking in the bath or dancing in the shower, these waterproof Spa Lights are a must. You can have this for £6.95 … [Read more...]