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Archives for January 2008

USB Air Refresher

USB Air Refresher Create a pure, uncontaminated environment for yourself with this environmentally friendly USB Air Refresher. Think about it… we urbanites are surrounded by polluted air every day. Walking to the bus, on the tube or train, walking through the city, in the office, in the car. Wherever you may be during your day, you can guarantee you’ll be breathing in that nasty polluted smoggy air. Did you know that adults breathe over 3,000 gallons of air every day? Thus making us very susceptible to air pollution! Well now’s your chance to breathe a breath of fresh air (literally). The … [Read more...]

Belt Bottle Opener

Belt Bottle Opener This ultra-hip cargo fabric belt conceals a rather natty modification to its buckle, enabling the wearer to happily keep the in-crowd of now people happy, beer-fuelled and dancing. See price … [Read more...]

DLO AutoPod, Black Intelligent Car Charger For iPods

DLO AutoPod, Black Intelligent Car Charger For iPods Dont settle for a typical boring auto charger for your iPod. Keep your iPod, iPod nano, or iPod mini fully charged in style with the new DLO AutoPod for iPod. While most chargers are very plain looking, the AutoPod matches your iPods the beauty and design integrity perfectly. Check price [tags]DLO[/tags] … [Read more...]

Cube World Series 1 (2 pack)

Cube World Series 1 (2 pack) Each Cube Man has his own personality - a lot like the friends you disposed of earlier. Slim likes to work out. Whip is often spotted skipping with his whip. Dodger likes nothing more than playing with his basketball and Scoop has a pet dog that keeps him company. See price … [Read more...]

Radio Duck

Radio Duck Now you can jazz up your bath time with the Radio Duck! Lie back and soak up the bubbles whilst listening to your favourite tunes from this very cute duck radio. You?d be quackers to miss this great product. The radio duck's head rotates for on/off volume control. The AM/FM switch is on the top of the duck radio, and the duck's tail twists for full bandwidth station selection. The Duck Radio operates on three AAA batteries (not included) and features a waterproof body and speaker. Size: 5" long, 5" high, and 3.5" wide. Check price and other details [tags]Girls Goodies[/tags] … [Read more...]

Walking Hand

Walking Hand It's daft, it's cheesy, it's... actually quite spooky. Looks just like the hand of a typical green scarred bloke, except it starts to walk if you make a loud noise... You can have this for ?14.99 … [Read more...]

Crazy 8 Ball Never Roll Straight

Crazy 8 Ball Never Roll Straight Just watch the amazement on your opponents face as after you have discretely substituted the 8 Ball he tries his potIt will go in every direction except where he intendedThis 2 inch diameter ball feels and looks exactly like a normal Pool ball but it has one fun difference which makes it wobble and go in all directions except the one intendedAre you game for a good laugh at your opponents expenseA real fun gift idea for many laughs Check price and other details [tags]Toys 4 Boys[/tags] … [Read more...]

Light up Poi

Light up Poi Join the Poi craze with these awesome night glowing spinners, the Light-Up Poi. You can have this for ?15.99 … [Read more...]

Star Wars Chubbies – C3P0

Star Wars Chubbies - C3P0 They're a half-Russian-Doll-half-Star-Wars-Doll hybrid made from robust PVC, in which one doll sits inside another in the usual fashion. What makes these unique, not to mention highly collectible, is that as you travel inside the doll, it reveals the character in an earlier stage of development. See price … [Read more...]

Belkin F8E490 TunePower Rechargable Battery Pack for iPod

Belkin F8E490 TunePower Rechargable Battery Pack for iPod The TunePower Rechargeable Battery Pack from Belkin keeps the music playing by letting you power your iPod-even when your internal battery is drained. Check price [tags]Belkin[/tags] … [Read more...]