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Archives for February 2008

Led Scrolling Name Badge – RED

Led Scrolling Name Badge - RED The coolest and best way to wear a name tag to stand out from the crowd!This customisable name badge with scrolling LED message is completely programmable to say what you want, when you want. Perfect for portable personal advertising. Ideal for retail shop staff, introduction days, exhibitions, trade shows or just fun! LED Micro Scrolling Digital Tag Text scrolls from left to right Attaches to your shirt using very strong magnet Each message can be up to 118 characters English text, numbers and ASCII characters Four different speed settings Nine different lum … [Read more...]

Palm Z Plane

Palm Z Plane You can have this for ?19.95 … [Read more...]

USB Shaver

USB Shaver An excellent gift for the man who never leaves the office! This sylish retro looking USB shaver is ideal to keep in your drawer in case you have an unexpected meeting or just to tidy up before going out after work. Also fantastic for the travelling business man with a laptop no need for another adaptor or trying to get those weird plugs that they have in bathrooms to work!Plugs neatly into any computer or laptop USB port, for shaves on the go. Lightweight and compact, easy to use, and convenient! Includes:USB shaver with LidUSB plug on spring-loaded wind up … [Read more...]

Golden Tee Golf

Golden Tee Golf Do not fret if you cannot make it to your favourite golf course. The Golden Tee Golf Game brings the course to you in one simple, plug-in-and-play unit. No need for separate controllers or game console. See price … [Read more...]

Denon ASD3N Denon iPod Dock

Denon ASD3N Denon iPod Dock The Denon ASD3N is the perfect way to simplify your media collection. Rather than having some of you music on your computer, some of your music on your iPod, some of your music on CDs, and some of your music in your home theater system, keep it all connected. The ASD3N connects to a computer via an ethernet cable to transmit music from your computer to your home audio set-up, or can charge Apple iPods while playing media from them. The ASD3N is the perfect to get your music (and even photos and videos) organized. Check price [tags]Denon[/tags] … [Read more...]

Yackle Ball

Yackle Ball You can have this for ?14.95 … [Read more...]

Bop It Download

Bop It Download Bop It, daddy-o to the fiendishly challenging tunes from this rather splendid multi-player interactive game. Your aim - just try to keep in time. But that's easier said than done when you've had a few sherbets. And when you get tired of its funky sounds, simply download some new ones. Cool bananas! See price … [Read more...]

Rave Party Voice Changer

Rave Party Voice Changer Pretend you're an invincible robot or a scary alien. The electronic voice transformer is an electronic bull-horn like device. It's mission - to take your normal everyday speaking voice and transform it into something completely different. Ever wonder how you would sound as a foreigner... a foreigner visiting planet Earth? Just speak into one end of the device, press a trigger and become the crazy creature you've always dreamed of. This voice transformer is sure to provide hours of fun for all ages. Use it hanging out with your friends or at the next costume party. … [Read more...]

Lozenge Speakers

Lozenge Speakers The dual powered Lozenge Speakers are swish enough to tart up your desk and compact enough to slip into your rucksack for some travelling tunes. You can have this for ?9.95 … [Read more...]

Rose Bath Lights

Rose Bath Lights You can have this for ?9.95 … [Read more...]