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Hitachi 42PD3000 Plasma TV Review

Hitachi 42PD3000 Plasma TV comes with the screen size of 42” which is a wall-mounting product introduced by the well established firm Hitachi. The user can mount the product on the wall and experience them as sitting in a theatre. It provides very clear image on the screen with digital …

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Candy Bra

Candy Bra The Candy Bra, less 'Hello Boys' (so 90s) and more… well, 'Eat My Bra'. You can have this for ?4.95

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Utili-Key The most useful key on your key ring. With six great tools all engineered into a gizmo the size and shape of a key, the Utili-Key is definitely a gadget you should never leave home without. You can have this for ?9.95

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Digital Photo Keychains

This is the new fashion for the keychains: the digital photo keychains.   Last week I put my hand on one on of those and I started playing with it. It has 2 pictures in its memory so you can see images from the moment you get a digital keychain. …

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Garmin Zumo 550 Motorcycle GPS Device

Garmin Zumo 550 Motorcycle GPS Device This motorcycle device has emerged to rule the bikers who brought this design through their blooming creativity. It’s motor-friendly features make it efficient in handling. It also features an optional XM subscriptions and an XM antenna, where you can calculate the weather and navigate …

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Champagne Parachute

Champagne Parachute A mini re-useable parachute for flying champagne corks – no more frantic ducking when the bubbly's a popping. You can have this for ?3.99

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