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Archives for September 2008

Create a free forum

You want to have your own forum but you don't have the tech skill nor the money? There is a simple solution: you can create a forum for free. You can create free forums using a free forums hosting service. You will get: Unlimited access! Unlimited number of messages and users. 1GB of space for files, photos, music. 40+ Themes 30+ Different languages support Forum personalization (logo, avatars, etc). Chatbox and Portal. … [Read more...]

Nokia N96 one of the most desired phones

In the last period there are more and more smart phones launched, but Nokia N96 remains one of the most desired ones. Nokia N96 is the latest Nokia smartphone to carry the N Series name, and became available for purchase in early Septemeber 2008. N96 is so popular for 2 reasons: it's a Nokia, which means a good reliability it has a great features list. Nokia N96 features it is a sophiscated dual slide camera phone. It has a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a Tessar lens. The camera has auto focus with a range from 10 cm to infinity and auto-exposure. built-in GPS … [Read more...]

Blaze Media Pro audio and video convertor update

A blogged about Blaze Media Pro all-in-one multimedia application on August 18 and it is time for an update. For the ones who missed the first post and you don't have time to read it here are the main facts about Blaze Media Pro. Blaze Media Pro offers conversion, ripping, editing, recording, burning and playback. This soft is a MOV converter which converts MOV (QuickTime Movie) to MPG (MPEG-1 and MPEG-2), AVI (using any compression codec), and WMV (Windows Media Video) fast and easy. You can use this soft as an audio converter that's why I got it. Audio Capabilities Audio editing, … [Read more...]

Creative Zen X-FI 32GB WiFi MP3 Player The Sound of Perfection

Creative Zen X-FI 32GB WiFi MP3 Player is called by Creative staff "the sound of perfection". ZEN X-Fi - the first player to restore the quality of compressed music with award-winning X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity Audio technology. The built-in X-Fi technology intelligently moves a conventional left/right earphone stereo source away from your ears, virtually expanding it for an audio experience with a breathtakingly realistic depth of field. With the X-Fi Fidelity Audio technology you will get the feeling you are listening from a pair of high end speakers. Creative Zen X-FI 32GB WiFi MP3 Player … [Read more...]

You can take comfort everywhere using the Portable Hammock

You can take the portable hammock everywhere. It is easy to carry and to mount. It weigh is less than 22 pound. Portable Hammock DELUXE by Kelsyus is one of the best ways to relax. Here is the final result the hammock mounted. The portable hammock is great for outdoor activities, though it is kind of heavy for a mountain trip, but if you transport it with a car you will be able stay comfortably. The price for the portable hammock is £75.00 and it is available at Home and Garden Gifts … [Read more...]

E-cigarette healthier or not

E-cigarette were developed as a clean alternative to smoking.   E-cigarette looks and acts like a cigarette. E-cigarettes are marketed as a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking, since most of the harmful material produced by the combustion of tobacco in traditional cigarettes is not present in the atomised liquid of e-cigarettes. (wikipedia) The advantages of e-cigarettes told by manufacturers. You will get my analyze below. Fashion & healthy smoking, Give smoker the same feeling as traditional cigarette do, moreover, Satisfy smoker's addiction Helpful for quitting smoking … [Read more...]

Open beer bottles everywhere with Beer Belt Opener

The Beer Belt Opener is a genius accessory that will make sure you will never have to go without a beer again. Wherever you are you can open the bottles of beer with this simple gadget. The price for Beer Belt Opener is £9.99 and it is available at DrinkStuff. … [Read more...]

Top Gadgets of 2008

The past year has seen the rise of many new products in the realms of gadgets. Below are a few of my editors picks with product details included. Laptop computers, mobile phones, tiny mp3 players and futuristic television recording round out the list of some of 2008's best technological advancements. Sure it's all media driven, but what isn't? TiVo HD XL DVR For the best in DVR (digital video recorder's) technology, there really is no better than the TiVo HD XL DVR. This piece of equipment records multiple television programs simultaneously, even while you are watching other live tv shows. … [Read more...]

Package for the Nintendo Wii sports

Nintendo Wii with sport pack is super! You play, have fun and make exercise in the same time. People use it not just for fun but to loose weight as well. Good bye fat gamer here it comes the the slim and with muscle Wii gamer. Package for the Nintendo Wii sports. Here are the most popular packs. Wii 9 In 1 Sports Pack Experience the definitive player's package for sports lovers and Wii enthusiasts with the 9 in 1 sports pack. This Nintendo Wii pack includes attachments Baseball Bat, Tennis Racket, Golf Club, steering wheel, fishing rod with spin cast reel, ping pong paddle, pool stick, … [Read more...]

Smart IC Recorder the RR-QR230 from Panasonic

RR-QR230 is a smart IC Recorder with Password-Protected Security Folders. Record and edit your important meetings, interviews, lectures and ideas. You can record up to 41 hours and 40 minutes with RR-QR230. Also you can record 99 files each in 5 folders - 495 file in total. The recorder is very slim. The dimensions(H x W x D) are 4.13'' x 1.53'' x 0.56'', so you can keep it comfortably in your hand or pocket. RR-QR230 Features 9/16" Thin Style Security Folder to Protect Recorded Files with Own Password Easy-to-Use Quick Search Dial Can Record up to 41 Hours 40 Minutes (SP … [Read more...]