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Archives for November 2008

Acer 5735 a powerful laptop for Home and Office

Are you looking for a powerful laptop for home and office? Take a look at Acer 5735 is has Intel Dual Core performance combined with a massive 3GB memory. Acer 5735 main features: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5800 (2GHz, 800MHz FSB, 2MB Cache) Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Basic 3GB Memory Size 160GB Hard Drive 15.6" Screen Size/Type DVD Super Multi Double Layer Intel GM45 Graphics Card Type Wireless Enabled The price for this super laptop is £370.74 and it is available at PCWorld. … [Read more...]

Win an exclusive USB Stick

Prizes Win an exclusive USB Stick! If you appreciate the hand made quality and unique products this contest if for you. Main features of the exclusive Flash drives: each one is carefully handcrafted in Germany by Thalbach Design individual wishes on veneers used or style of aluminum inlay are possible attentions to details: e.g. the veining of the veneer goes all the way through the stick (china sticks don't do - normally there the lid is made from a totally different piece of wood and just grabbed out of the big box when finally plugging the sticks together) these sticks can't be … [Read more...]

Win a digital keychain

Prizes Win a cool digital keychain! Upload pictures of loved ones to your Digital Photo Keychain. There will be given 3 keychains, one to each winner. So, we will have 3 winners. What you have to do to win a Digital Photo Keychain Blog about this contest and after that leave a comment with your blog URL in the comment section of this page. Your blogs must be in English and the blog posts have to contain 2 links. - one to www.gadgets-club.com (you can use any anchor text you want) - the second link must be to our sponsor Digital Photo Keychain There will be 3 winners. Each one will … [Read more...]

Would you like to read gadgets and technology articles?

I will use this post to ask you an important question. Do you want to read gadgets articles on the gadgets club blog? Until now I have blogged about gadgets and I'm seriously thinking publishing articles on this blog. Your opinion is important for me so please use the comment box to let me know if you want technology articles on this blog or not. Because the Christmas is coming I'm also thinking of introducing some gadgets shopping information. The online shopping articles can help you find how to buy the best gadgets for the best prices. I'm thinking including some Christmas shopping tips, … [Read more...]

The most popular gadgets in november

Gadgetshop published the list with their most popular gadgets. Here is the list: Cozy Feet Microwavable Foot Warmers Cozy up and cozy in. Your feet are two of the most useful, if sometimes unsightly, appendages you own. Should they freeze, your ability to stand, walk, run, and kick will be severely inhibited. Solution: Cozy Feet. Features: With proper care they'll continue defrosting toes for years Can be reheated thousands of times Cozy Boots can also be frozen to treat sprains, bruising and swelling. One size fits all. Not suitable for use by Diabetics Colours may vary. Coin … [Read more...]

New from LG the XPION R20, S20 Core 2 Quad desktops

LG has announced two new premium desktop models, the desktops will be released under LG’s XPION brand.. LG XPION R20 features: 2 Core Quad Q8200 processor 3GB RAM GeForce 9500GS graphics card new cooling system that uses MDPC Technology (Multi Direction Platform Cooling) that makes it run quietly XPION LS 20 features: 2 Core Quad Q9400 GeForce 9600GT graphics card That are the rumors for now we will have to wait for LG official news to find out more. There are no info's about the prices. … [Read more...]

3 unusual gadgets gifts for this Christmas

In today post you will find 3 unusual gadgets for this Christmas. All the gadgets presented here are available at Boots.com. 1. Dog Speakers Dog Speakers can be used with most computers, MP3 players or mini disc players. With an amplifier, powered by an adapter. This gadget price tag is £15.00. 2. Radio Controlled Moped Ever fancied your own Vespa or Lambretta back in the day? Well with this radio controlled moped you can fulfil your dreams and scoot along in style. The matching fully functioning controller allows you to move forwards, backwards left and right, excellent for taking to … [Read more...]

PANASONIC Lumix DMC-TZ5 black camera

PANASONIC Lumix DMC-TZ5 black camera has a 28 mm wide-angle setting to fit sweeping landscapes into a single frame, and a telephoto setting to pull in subjects from far away and capture even the subtlest details in facial expressions. It records video in 720p and is equipped with a 10-megapixel sensor, with a high sensitivity range going up to 6400 ISO and a light detection system with several levels. The DMC-TZ3 has an ultra-compact superzoom with a 10x and 28-200mm lens. PANASONIC Lumix DMC-TZ5 features 28mm wide-angle shooting plus powerful 10x optical zoom. At the 28mm wide-angle … [Read more...]

3 Funny gadgets

The gadgets are not only useful they are fun too. In today post I will show you 3 funny gadgets. Chococlock Chococlock is one of the funniest gadgets I've seen lately. You eat to much candies? The chococlock will solve you problem: it will give you one candy per hour. This gadget works like an old cuckoo clock but instead of cuckoo it will give you sweets. The Chococlock holds about 30 sweets, so you can be rewarded for your hard work for a delectable 30 hours. After which you can replenish its contents with a small rear chute, and look forward to 30 more hours of sugar-fuelled … [Read more...]

Silverlit: MX-1 Extreme

Today at Play.com they have a special offer: Silverlit: MX-1 Extreme at only £9.99 (aprox. $15.62, EUR 13.99).   Description Silverlit has always made the tiniest of remote control helicopters, and this is probably the smallest of all! Just about the same length as a credit card, the MX1 Extreme is so small that it fits inside its own controller which doubles a handy carry case too! Despite its tiny size, the MX-1's performance will not disappoint and the extra portability means it can be taken just about anywhere. Weighing just 7 grams, it really is minuscule, but in the … [Read more...]