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Archives for January 2009

Cowon iAudio S9 8GB MP3 Player

Like you probably noticed if you know the gadgets club concept we try to present less known gadgets. These days I have searched the Internet shops for interesting but now so super advertised Mp3 players and I have found one I like.  It is called Cowon iAudio S9 8GB MP3 Player. Cowon iAudio S9 8GB Features Zoom UI. With this new totally touch screen user interface, Cowon have kept the depth of control possible with previous players, but made day-to-day operation simplicity itself. Your main functions are represented by a set of simple icons on the main screen and on entering any … [Read more...]

Smart shopping using the iPhone

Do you have an iPhone? Twenga developed an application for iPod which allows you finding products, comparing prices, and saving money. Twenga iPhone Application Features: Check online before you buy. Twenga iPhone Application allows you to compare prices on millions of high-tech products, at any moment, to be sure that you are getting the best price. Benefit from promotion codes offered by online stores: free delivery, 5% to 10% reductions Consult descriptions & reviews of all products  You can see a short movie about how this iPhone application works. EXCLU! … [Read more...]

Hp new ad

Hp has a new cool ad showing the HP magic. Watch the video below to see for yourself. I like how he arrange the room, I would like to be able to clean my room so fast :) . The advert is showing how smart touch devices can change your life. If you want to know more about the impact of the touch screen technologies in our life read The future gadgets will have Touch Screens. And if you want to see the latest HP Deigns visit their site. I would like to have an HP touchsmart IQ 800. … [Read more...]

Click to take the challenge

Are you ready for this challenge? See the movie and answer. Cool BlackBerry advertising no? BlackBerry is the leading wireless handheld device solution, a smart phone which embodies elegant design – without sacrificing the features or functionality. … [Read more...]

Super powerful gaming desktop: Dell XPS 625

Dell XPS 625 is and ultra powerful gaming desktop. It will use a new AMD platform technology, codenamed “Dragon.”   Dell XPS 625 will offer extreme gaming performance, cutting-edge graphics and an innovative design. Dell XPS 625 Features Processors AMD Athlon X2 5600+ Black Edition (2.9GHz/65W) Overclock with ease with unlocked AMD Phenom II Black Edition Processors and AMD Overdrive. Equipped with ATI  CrossFireX  configurations Instantly Improve performance with AMD Fusion Operating System Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium Edition SP1, 64-Bit CD ROM/DVD ROM Single … [Read more...]

The newest digital camera with 10 mega pixels from Samsung: HZ10W

I have entered future gadgets blog and I have found 2 new gadgets I want to share with you: the first is the latest digital camera from Samsung HZ10W which you can read about below, the second is Dell XPS 625 Gaming Desktop which you will find info about it in a post tomorrow. Samsung HZ10W is a 10.2 megapixel high-performance digital camera with ultra-wide 24 mm Schneider lens and 10x optical zoom. Samsung HZ10W features 10.2 megapixel Effective Pixels Schneider-KREUZNACH lens with 10x optical zoom manual controls including ability to adjust shutter speed, aperture, exposure, and focus … [Read more...]

FEEL THE ACTION from your Video Games, Movies and Music with the newest gadget Pyramat Sound Lounger

Pyramat Sound Lounger is a new gadget developed expectably to feel the action from your Video Games, Movies and Music. The Sound Lounger works with Movies and Music too. It is compatible with Xbox, PS2, Nintendo DS, Apple and HDtv. Features:  3 ” Full Range ARX™ Speakers  5.5” Powersub™ Subwoofer  RCA Audio Inputs  Headphone Jack  Volume and Bass Controls  RCA Multi-player Audio Outputs  Illuminating Backplate  Folds for Storage The bass is so huge and the sound is so clear you'll feel like you literally are in the game. Hear every footstep, and feel every crash, punch or gunshot … [Read more...]

5 discounted kitchen gadgets

January is the month of discounts. The majority of people spent more money in December to buy gifts so in January the tend to spent less. So the merchant are forced to offer good discounts if they want to sell their merchandise. If you have some money available now can be the perfect time buy the gadgets you wanted. I will post a lot about discounted gadgets i this month. In today post you will find 5 discounted kitchen gadgets. Candy 700w Microwave & Grill Features 7litre Capacity (0.6 cu ft) 700 Watt Microwave 1000 Watt Grill Power Levels: 5 MW, 1 Grill, 2 MW & Grill 95 … [Read more...]

My newest gadgets

I have 2 new gadgets from Budget Gadgets:  Mini Keychain Universal TV Remote Control DDR Dancing Dance Revolution Pad Mat For Wii Nintendo First impressions about Mini Keychain Universal TV Remote Control I have tested the Mini Keychain Universal TV Remote Control on a Toshiba Tv and worked fine I could change the channels, change volume, get into AV mode and shut down the TV. The remote is very small 59x35x6mm so you can easily have it with you every time. First impressions about DDR Dancing Dance Revolution Pad Mat For Wii Nintendo I have used the dance mat along … [Read more...]

Z.buds the best Earbuds for iPhone I have tested so far

These days I had the opportunity to play with Z.buds. These are the best earbuds for iPhone I have tested so far: the noise level is reduced to minimum. Featuring voice integration and a unique cord design, the Z.buds by ZAGG function as both high-end earbuds and a hands-free headset for all iPhone and iPod models. The aspect of the earbuds and the included accessories is classy to mach with the iPhone style. In the Z.buds pack you will find: the Z.buds itself (the smart handsfree set for the iPhone) multiple earbud adaptors for all ear sizes and the bag to put the earbuds and the … [Read more...]