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Archives for December 2009

Useful kitchen gadgets

Need some useful gadgets for your kitchen? Have a look at my list. #1. Breville BKE820XL Variable Temperature Kettle The Variable Temperature kettle allows the user to heat water to specific temperatures that achieve perfect taste profiles for the four major types of teas and French press coffee. 5 Pre-set brewing temperatures include: 175F for Green Tea; 185F for White Tea; 195F for Oolong Tea; 200F for French Press: and 212F for boiling and black tea. The European stainless steel design make it a beautiful table statement. Breville BKE820XL Variable Temperature Kettle … [Read more...]

Cool watches

When I was searching for the coolest gadgets and gizmos in the online shops the Invicta Watches got my attention. My favorite models are: For men Invicta Men's S1 Touring Edition Swiss Quartz Bracelet Watch This is a pretty cool watch if you ask me. A trendy diamond pattern has been etched into the left side of the case along with the function pushers on the right. The screw-down case back ensures that your timepiece's components remain safely housed. A blue-coated anti-reflective mineral crystal provides a perfect window into this offer's flawless dial. A tachymeter rims the outer dial to … [Read more...]

The future of broadband and business

Do you want to know the future of broadband and business? See this video. The entrepreneur Peter Jones discusses the benefits of next generation access. … [Read more...]

Beautiful Christmas decorations

I was surfing the web in search of some beautiful Christmas decorations when I have discovered the Joy Gift Store. The offer a lovely collection of Christmas items. I want to share with you my favorite models. Joy Fanlike Bell-on-Stick Christmas Tree Ornament I love this Christmas tree ornament. It is simple yet stylish. It will look fantastic in your tree and also you can offer it as a present. I will take a dozen and use them on each side of my tree. Joy Christmas Tree Shaped Ornament Joy Christmas Tree Shaped Ornament is the gift I have bought for my friends. This year all my friends … [Read more...]

SONY HDR-TG7 Camcorder small but smart

SONY HDR-TG7 Camcorder weighs just 230g but it offers you the most advanced technology. It records in the AVCDHD format and in Full HD resolution, all of which is accompanied with fantastic 5.1 sound. This camcorder has a built-in 16GB flash memory and also has a memory-card slot compatible with Memory Stick Pro Duo Pro HG/HXDuo. The HDR-TG7 can be used to take high-quality photos using its 4-megapixel CMOS sensor, and will even give you a helping hand transferring files to video-sharing websites. What's more, its range of connections includes an HDMi port for a quick and easy way to … [Read more...]

Reindeer and Star

The little reindeer follows a blinking star home back to his family. The blinking star turns out to be a Finnair airplane, flying the short Northern route to/from Europe via Helsinki. … [Read more...]

Wow Challenge

There is a new exciting competition in progress called the Wow challenge. See the video for details. … [Read more...]

Trust 14667 CP2100 Webcam

Need a simple webcam to do every day tasks? Have a look at Trust 14667 CP2100 Webcam. Trust 14667 CP2100 Webcam features: Maximum Pixel (in Megapixel): 0.3 Zoom Type: without Zoom Type: Webcams Chip Type: CCD Platform: PC / Mac Frames Per Second: 30 Photo Resolution Height in Pixel: 480 Photo Resolution Width in Pixel: 640 The Trust 14667 CP2100 Webcam is affordable. It cost only £18.13. You can find it at Tribaluk.com. … [Read more...]

Need gadget gifts?

Do you need some ideas for gadgets gifts? Read this post. #1.  Pinball money maze   The Pinball money maze is a very cool gift. Put some money in before you give it to you friend / enemy. It will be fun to watch the "victim" trying to get to the money. The game uses real flipper action to shoot three balls into a specific hole to open the gift drawer.  #2. Solar powered snowman Solar powered snowman can be the Christmas perfect gift for the gadgets lover. The usage is simple: place the stake into the ground and let the snowman charge from the sun - No need for worries it will … [Read more...]

Motorcycle Helmets short guide

One of my friends was asking why he should use a motorcycle helmet. He considered Motorcycle Helmets completely useless. Because riding a motorcycle without one I have decided to write this post explaining why you need them. Motorcycle helmet law has been instituted to provide safety and protection to motorcycle riders from different states. Riders should realize that helmets are there for their safety and protection. Many motorcycle accidents have lessened rider mortalities, thanks to the protection offered by motorcycle helmets. Types of helmets There are so many different types to choose … [Read more...]