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Archives for March 2010

Transform your home into a cinema with the new Boombox Freeview DVD Projector

With this newest gadget called Boombox Freeview DVD Projector it is super easy to transform your house into a cinema. Watching TV and movies on the big screen usually requires a TV and a big screen, neither of which is particularly portable. But thanks to the impressive Boombox Freeview DVD Projector you can transform any room into a cinema. Boombox Freeview projects screen-size upto 75"! So you will have a 75 inch screen wherever you want. Simply plop in your discs, flip open the pivoting, swiveling LED-powered projector and gawp in awe as a quality image up to 75” is flung … [Read more...]

Protect you gadgets with the Invisible SHIELD

In these days we travel a lot and we carry our gadgets with us. But when we transport our devices we can scratch or damage them even if we are careful. The most sensitive parts are the screens and buttons. My cell phone screen was scratched all the time. But since I hated regular covers (they make pushing the buttons harder and they make the screen less visible) I din not use them. All changed when I discovered the Invisible Shield. This seems like a device made for me. It is fully transparent so I can read what it is on the screen and the buttons work great. The Invisible Shield wraps … [Read more...]

What is SIM only

I have seen a lot of ads for sim only plans and I have no idea what they were so I made a little investigation and written this post. Sim only are the type of contract when you get a new new sim only without a new mobile. This type of sim card deals allows you to keep your existing phone and phone number and benefit form cheaper tariff than contracting a new mobile phone contract. The main advantage is price. Because you don’t receive a new phone the tariffs are reduced. Sim only contracts work the same way as normal mobile phone contracts except you keep your phone and phone number. These … [Read more...]

Choose your hosting wisely

I have seen a lot of discussions about what a good hosting service must do. On the forums I’ve read people opinions about domain hosting and their problems. I remember a few years ago I was reading blogs and I wanted to have my own blog to write on. The first thing I’ve done it was to look for a free web site hosting and I’ve soon discovered that you get what you paid for. Free meant crappy or zero services and almost no control of my blog. Even large companies like Blogger had problems (this was years ago) and some people lost their blogs. Now blogger uses a backup service. But it is the … [Read more...]

ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1201N 12.1-Inch Black Netbook 5 Hours of Battery Life

ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1201N is one of the latest Netbooks on the market. It boasts a 12.1-inch HD widescreen, 750GB ASUS Hybrid Storage, full-size chiclet keyboard, stereo speakers, and other robust media features that let you enjoy rich entertainment in a thin-and-light, compact design. The Eee PC 1201N fits any situation. From its Eee core, it embodies the essence of traditional Eee PCs, “to learn, work, and play” –and takes it a step further. With ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1201N you’ll get 12.1-inch LED-backlit HD widescreen for HD-quality visuals wherever you are ASUS Dedicated Graphics … [Read more...]

Cool spy gadget Hi-Res 640×480 30fps Micro PI Spy CamStick PRO Recorder

The Hi-Res 640x480 30fps Micro PI Spy CamStick PRO Recorder with 4GB memory is a cool gadegt to spy your “enemies”. One touch recording makes great video/audio a snap. Stores 3 hours recording per Gb for an incredible 24 hours recording on 8Gb SD card. Low illumination and sound activated recording make the CamStick PRO truly unique. Hi-Res 640x480 30fps Micro PI Spy CamStick PRO Recorder Features: Thumb size with tough alloy housing Manual and sound activated recording Web camera for online video chat Records in standard AVI video format Low illumination, high … [Read more...]

ORION Isothermic Travel Mug is not a hi tech gadget but useful

I have blogged so much about the newest hi tech gadgets I almost forgot about the useful ones. You see a gadget should not always be glamorous or hi tech but it shod make your life easier. And  ORION Isothermic Travel Mug does just that. It is a simple gadget which keeps your drinks hot as well as cold. I love this kind of gadgets: simple and efficient. ORION Isothermic Travel Mug Features: Double wall insulation keeps drinks hot as well as cold Fits most car cup-holders Perfect for office or car Modern, attractive colors You can have up to 0.45 liter. ORION Isothermic cost £15.90 and … [Read more...]

Gadgets for smokers

Top gadgets for cigar enthusiasts: #1. Cigar cutters Cigar cutters are an essential smoking accessory, and come in several different types. They are used by knowledgable smokers to cut cigars in straight, punch, or v-cut styles for maximum enjoyment. #2. Cigar ash trays Different from regular ash trays, cigar ash trays are specially sized to accommodate cigars. High-end designs offer convenient features, such as a removable bin that catches the ashes for easy disposal. #3. Lighters For the best, and most pure flavor, cigars should be lit with a quality butane lighter. The most popular models … [Read more...]

Promotional Items

If you run a small company you will need quality promotional items. These kinds of items are good marketing tools for your business because everyone likes to get something for free. Why to offer them: they act as good reminders. Let's say you received a key chain with my website logo and slogan. When you will watch at the key chain you will remember about my site. And also if you want to Visit Gadgets Club but you forgot the website you could just see it on your key chain. if they are used wisely promotional items can create a relationship.  You see every person has the need of feeling … [Read more...]

The Wand TV Remote Control

Want to feel like a magician in front of your TV? Get yourself The Wand TV Remote Control.   This is a fun gadget. You will sit in front of the TV and instead of using the regular remote control you will use you your new magic wand. You can use it to surprise and have fun with your friends. :) The Wand TV Remote Control features: The Wand Remote Control allows you to control remote devices with a swish. Most devices that use a remote control can be manipulated with the wand - TVs, Hi-Fis etc. Can control multiple devices, not limited to one. 13 commands in total can be learned by … [Read more...]