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Protect you gadgets with the Invisible SHIELD

In these days we travel a lot and we carry our gadgets with us. But when we transport our devices we can scratch or damage them even if we are careful. The most sensitive parts are the screens and buttons. My cell phone screen was scratched all the time. But …

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What is SIM only

I have seen a lot of ads for sim only plans and I have no idea what they were so I made a little investigation and written this post. Sim only are the type of contract when you get a new new sim only without a new mobile. This type …

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Choose your hosting wisely

I have seen a lot of discussions about what a good hosting service must do. On the forums I’ve read people opinions about domain hosting and their problems. I remember a few years ago I was reading blogs and I wanted to have my own blog to write on. The …

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Gadgets for smokers

Top gadgets for cigar enthusiasts: #1. Cigar cutters Cigar cutters are an essential smoking accessory, and come in several different types. They are used by knowledgable smokers to cut cigars in straight, punch, or v-cut styles for maximum enjoyment. #2. Cigar ash trays Different from regular ash trays, cigar ash …

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Promotional Items

If you run a small company you will need quality promotional items. These kinds of items are good marketing tools for your business because everyone likes to get something for free. Why to offer them: they act as good reminders. Let’s say you received a key chain with my website …

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The Wand TV Remote Control

Want to feel like a magician in front of your TV? Get yourself The Wand TV Remote Control.   This is a fun gadget. You will sit in front of the TV and instead of using the regular remote control you will use you your new magic wand. You can …

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