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Personal Breathalyzers – Are they useful or not?

Blood Alcohol Concentration is the most common measure used to evaluate the level of alcohol in the blood system of a suspected drunk driver. Alcohol and its level in the body can directly affect the functioning of the brain including sight and reflexes. The legal level of BAC in the …

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Shared or dedicated hosting?

From what I’ve seen many people don’t know the difference between shared hosting and dedicated accounts. This post will be a short web hosting guide written especially for beginners. Shared hosting Shared hosting means you get the right to use the same server with other people. You don’t have your …

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ila DUSK Personal Alarm review

The ila DUSK Personal Alarm was easy to test. ila DUSK Personal Alarm is a gadget for women. Women usually gets attacked walking home alone at night. ila DUSK Personal Alarm is a personal alarm that emits a piercing, high decibel female scream designed to shock and disorientate an attacker. …

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Make your computer run as new with System mechanic

I’ve been contacted by System Mechanic 9.5 team and they offered us a discount coupon.  If you use the Coupon Code: GADGETSCLUB until 09/30/10 you will get a good discount on all Iolo products. This made me happy because I can Offer you a discount for buying System Mechanic and …

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New iPhone game Barclaycard iPhone Rollercoaster Extreme!

Soon you will be able to play a new game on your iPhone. Following the success of the Barclaycard Waterslide Extreme game, which became the most successful branded free app, achieved 12 million downloads (to date) the Barclaycard team announced the release of Rollercoaster Extreme. In Barclaycard iPhone Rollercoaster Extreme …

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Spinning Streak the newest iPhone game

Spinning Streak is the newest iPhone game. This game requires Spinning skill and balance. The game is based on fame and your goal is to become the most famous Spinning Streak act on the planet. Don’t worry if this sounds complicated the game will guide you through the steps of …

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