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All you need to know about iPad

iPad has taken the world by storm. If you are a gadget freak this gadget will hold you in its grip by working its magic on you alright! IPAD indeed! So what’s in it? Lets take a look at this very often talked about magical gadget. Apple iPad is a …

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Motorcycle stuff

I know a lot of bickers who love their motorcycle gadgets and gear so I have made this little post to show you that even the safety motorcycle doesn’t have to be boring. There are 3 famous brands and you will see some of the best products which are available …

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Ink cartridges and the eco friendly attitude

For some months I have been trying to go green and become more eco friendly. The way we use our humble home printer can reduce the amount of waste we generate. Becoming a little more eco-friendly is not hard; it is a process which takes several steps: Be eco aware. …

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Virtually fly around your city

The 3D technology for maps allows you to virtually fly around your city. Yell.com’s 3D Maps service has been designed to make Yell the natural online destination for customers searching for local businesses – in exactly the same way they might use the Yellow Pages directory. I have used their …

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Asus X5EAE

Asus X5EAE is the computer for everyday tasks. It full of the latest technology so whether you want to download music while you’re watching a movie, or play some games while you’re talking to friends on Facebook, this laptop will deliver – it’s an ideal multimedia multitasker. Asus X5EAE laptop …

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If you want to be more eco repair your gadgets

Your digital camera is broken? You maybe ask yourself if it is worth repairing it or buying a new a new model. The eco friendly way is to repair it. You see a digital camera repair service is very useful. Instead of throwing it away you can repair it and …

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