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Archives for January 2011

Learn about Segways the funny way

Do you want to learn how to use the Segways without risks and have fun? Watch the video. Hehehe   Brian Badonde is super funny. Brian Badonde tests the greatest invention of all time - the Segway. … [Read more...]

CD/DVD Repair Kit

If you care about your DVD/CD collection it is best to protect the fervently used CDs and DVDs. The CD/DVD Repair Kit will help you to protect your precious data. CD/DVD Repair Kit features: Cleans and repairs all your CDs, DVDs, CD-RWs, CD ROMs Also repairs your XBox, Playstation, Nintendo Wii, Sega Dreamcast and GameCube game discs Repairs damaged discs to give them a new lease of life Fast and easy to use Simple Instructions The discs that you use most frequently are those that are most prone to damage. If your discs are getting dirty and scratched then bring them … [Read more...]

eKitch Ceramic Knife set

The eKitch Ceramic Knife set is a cool kitchen gadget. Ceramic is harder than steel and only second to diamond's hardness. eKitch Ceramic knives are ultra sharp and they will stay that way. Ergonomic and lightweight, they will take on the the toughest of tasks. The ceramic knifes are great at cutting cooked and uncooked meat, and slicing vegetables very thinly. Pricing and availability You can get the eKitch Ceramic Knife set from GadgetsUk.com. The price tag is £39.95. … [Read more...]

USB Cup Warmer

The USB cup warmer will keep your coffee or tea warm while you are using the computer. This USB gadget is super simple to use: just connect it via the USB post and put your cup over the warmer. USB cup warmer main features: USB-powered hot plate Temperature of hot drinks can be maintained at 40 degrees after an hour Includes DC to USB Cable Powered via USB from your PC or Mac Low voltage (5V) No driver installation required Pricing and availability The USB cup warmer is an inexpensive gadget. It costs only £4.99 and you can find it at Iwantoneofthose.com. … [Read more...]

Online Shopping Tips

When I open the TV I always find something about the financial crisis. So I got the idea to let you know how you can save money when shopping online. If you want gadgets now is the time to get them because the sales are very low in January and February and the merchants are forced to offer big discounts if they want to empty their stocks. The idea to save money when shopping is simple: whenever is possible use coupons. There are many website specialized in finding discount vouchers like Best Online Coupons. This website list tens of thousands of active coupon codes, promotional … [Read more...]

Sony CMT-FX350 Micro Hi-Fi System

If you are looking for a compact Hi-fi system I think Sony CMT-FX350 Micro is one of the best compact sound systems for iPod&Mp3 Players. Sony CMT-FX350 Micro Hi Fi System Features: Bass Boost – Yes Dab Tuner – Yes Detachable Speakers – Yes Features of Product - Micro System with DAB/FM tuner FM Tuner – Yes Headphone Socket – Yes Includes CD Player – Yes Plays Cd-rw – Yes Plays MP3 Files From CD – Yes Type of Sound – Stereo Type of Tuner – Digital Weight - 4.79kg Colour  Black Dimensions  H31.3 cm W37.9 cm D31.3 cm … [Read more...]

Apple iPod nano 8 GB (6th generation)

A new Apple iPod generation is now available in the online shops: Apple iPod nano 8 GB (6th generation). Featuring a multi-touch screen, the new iPod nano has been redesigned to be easier to use, more intuitive and more fun. Apple iPod nano 8 GB (6th generation) main features: Memory capacity : 8 GB Screen : 1.54-inch (diagonal) colour TFT display Radio tuner : FM radio with Live Pause feature for pausing a radio broadcast and rewinding (within a 15-minute... Video playback : No Weight (g) : 21.1 More compact that ever, the iPod nano lets you play anything you want … [Read more...]

Can offline advertising work for a gadget site?

In the last 5 years I have advertised my sites only online. In 2011 I want to test some offline advertising for Gadgets Club. My question is: can offline advertising work for a gadgets site? If you have some experience in this field please use the comment form to share your expertise. I want to have a more aggressive marketing this year this is why I will make some changes. First of all I want to keep my advertisers happy so instead of using email for communications I will make them a nice surprise. I want to use the regular, old style mail and to use letterhead printing to make my messages … [Read more...]

Coffee Machines

I just love a good cup of espresso or coffee in the morning. It helps me get up and moving. The Coffee Machines are used for several decades but they are becoming more complex in our days. You can find combo machines: espresso, coffee and cappuccino maker – all in one or specialized devices like Espresso Machines. Espresso fans claim that a specialized machine will deliver a better espresso. I own a combo and I think it is the best option if you are not an extravagant coffee drinker, you are on a budget and you don’t have a vast space. I have observed an ascending trend – people buying … [Read more...]

Mobile phone marketing

I was reading on some marketing forums that mobile phone marketing is the new best thing for marketers. I saw people enthusiasts about this form of marketing but almost all wanted to implement it in the wrong way! They intended to buy a list and send them SMSs. This is so stupid. It is SMS spamming. And it is more annoying than email spam. One company sent me one SMS per day, which I didn’t asked for and they announced me about their offers. Of course I didn't care I have stopped buying for them and I have asked for my number to be removed from their list. Unfortunately there are many … [Read more...]