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GPS vehicle tracking

The GPS technology made things easy when it comes to fleet tracking. Tracking vehicles to lower costs and finding the best routes is important for every company. The fleet tracking software are easy to use and have many benefits. Usually they are online applications where you log in using an …

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The Latest Laptop News

Competition is hotting up in the tablet sector with Apple recently releasing its iPad 2 and Motorola its hefty Xoom for Android. In addition Lenovo have an interesting pair of devices, their new Lenovo Thinkpad X220 Notebook and Convertible tablet models add some exciting competition to the game being recently …

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Pico Mini Handheld Projector

With the help of the Pico Mini Handheld Projector you will be able to project your videos and pictures up to the size of a home cinema screen. All you need is to connect the mini projector to a  device such as iPhone or iPod. It also works with laptops, …

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The New Apple iPad

A much lighter and thinner iPad, this device is now qualitatively different and is arriving in stores on March 11. The new iPad has two built-in cameras; one for high-definition videos and photos on the back and one for video conference at the front. The device is also a lot …

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USB Powered Coffee Warmer Review

This is one of the simplest reviews I have ever made. To review the USB powered coffee warmer I just connected the gadget via USB, pressed the On button and put my coffee cup on it. My coffee was kept hot. This is one of the gadgets I like: simple …

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