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Archives for July 2011

Summer Fun With Nintendo 3DS Console

To spend a lot of time on the plane, train, subway or car is extremely boring. This is why people love travel gadgets. For summer fun and to combat boredom I recommend playing games on the Nintendo 3DS Console. This little gadget doesn’t require 3D glasses to enjoy its startling effects, and even offers 3D picture-taking and movie-watching. The Nintendo 3DS Console features the traditional dual-screen, the top 3.5-inch gaming display is designed to produced crisp 3D images, while the bottom 3D-less display works as the touch panel. The devices has new built-in camera with two camera … [Read more...]

Duke Nukem Forever PC

I was excited when I saw that Duke Nukem Forever PC was released. I was playing Duke Nukem when I was in high school. What a great game it was. Me and my friends played it all day long. Duke Nukem Forever like its ancestor the 1991 original, Duke Nukem Forever is a hardcore shoot-‘em-up that sees the Duke fighting off hordes of aliens in order to save the world. Main features The new version features Pig cops, alien shrink rays and enormous alien bosses… and, of course, babes. Lots and lots of babes. Aside from shooting everything in sight (and behind and above) the gamer (as Duke) … [Read more...]

Top Travel Gadgets

Travel has become a part of every day life. Whether it's business or personal, more people travel now than ever before. This fact has changed the old way of travel. For decades, flying from country to country was about sitting and waiting, but now with mobile devices and technology, we're able to stay plugged in and both entertain ourselves as well as get a lot of work done while waiting for a flight. Mobile smartphones have definitely changed the way we travel, and you can play a game and surf the web all while you find a phone number. There's a lot of other technology that have become very … [Read more...]

Sound Logic Rechargeable Portable Media Speaker with USB

If you want a portable rechargeable speaker you must have a look at the Sound Logic Rechargeable Portable Media Speaker with USB. With this speaker you can have mini parties with your friends. I say mini parties because the speaker doesn’t provide super audio power – only 6W. But this is enough if you want to enjoy music amongst friends and family. Sound Logic Rechargeable Portable Media Speaker with USB features and specs: universal 3.5 mm input for compatibility with any iPod / MP3 player up to 2 hours playback time from a single charge of 2 hours plug and play MP3s directly … [Read more...]

Philips Digital Alarm Clock and Universal Mobile Phone Charger

The Philips clock radio not only wakes you with your favorite radio station, it also charges your mobile phone while you sleep. The Philips digital alarm clock and universal mobile phone charger is a good solution for waking up with your gadgets charged and ready to use. Philips Digital Alarm Clock and Universal Mobile Phone Charger main features: the product functions as a charger for your mobile phone and USB device, powering your gadgets while you are sleeping designed with a built-in storage compartment for your charger connector tip wake up to sounds from your favorite radio … [Read more...]

Bosign Laptop Pillow in Red

One of the main problem with using laptops or netbooks in your lap is that your knees are getting too hot. To avoid this you can use the Bosign Laptop Pillow. With this pillow you can use your laptop or netbook on the sofa in complete comfort. The Bosign Laptop Pillow uses a cotton red rectangular cushion with a set of oversized white silicone buttons to rest your laptop on to prevent slipping and to allow air to circulated to prevent the laptop overheating. Bosign Laptop Pillow features: made from 100% cotton with a machine washable cover easy to store when not in use it allows … [Read more...]