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Archives for October 2011

Free Android Guide

More and more devices use the Android system. To help you make more with your Android powered device here is a complimentary Android guide. You can get the These Are The Droids You're Looking For: An Android Guide for free by filling up a short form. This guide will teach you tips and tricks about who to get maximum from your Android device. This 23 page guide will go over Android's history and the different versions on the market. Knowing this is important, as Android is frequently updated with new features and not all devices are sold with the same versions. Also some other topics … [Read more...]

ImTOO DVD Ripper

If we want to move the old DVDs on our hard drives we need a reliable DVD ripper software. There are a lot of software which are good for grabbing the content from DVDs and CDs but my favorite is called ImTOO DVD Ripper. I have used an earlier version a few months ago when I copied some DVDs. The newest version claims to be 5 times faster because it is fully compatible with NVIDIA CUDA technology/AMD APP technology offering substantial improvement in performance when encoding/decoding videos. I like this software because: it is fast it supports all the formats that I need. It knows … [Read more...]

Dealing With Virus-Damaged Registry

Registry problems can be a true nightmare for computer owners. If you spend any amount of time browsing online, you may have encountered malware that targets your computer's registry. When this sensitive area of a PC is damaged, your computer may begin to encounter several different issues, and software may stop working entirely. Furthermore, when malicious entries are added to the registry, malware has the opportunity to run in the background on your machine, which can lead to a whole host of different issues. The computer's registry contains information about all of the software programs … [Read more...]

BlackBerry PlayBook An Entertainment Experience Like No Other

Then new BlackBerry PlayBook promises an entertainment experience like no other. BlackBerry PlayBook comes with HD video, HD display, rich stereo sound and it is ready for hardcore gaming. PlayBook main features and specs: 1 GHz dual-core processor Blackberry Tablet OS Full Adobe® Flash® 10.1 enabled 3G/WiFi/Bluetooth Dual HD video cameras Multi media This Tablet PC was created to deliver a great multi media experience. Capture, stream and share music, videos and pictures, plus stay in contact with family and friends. Multitasking The PlayBook features … [Read more...]

Full HD nature videos

If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home you can download full HD nature videos. Nature is the most talented painter, sculptor and poet in the universe and the nature HD films can help your relax and enjoy life. These films are perfect for romantic dinners and yoga and meditation. HD nature video The videos offered by  LoungeV creative studio (http://www.loungev.com) are produced in 1080i full HD format with 5.1 Dolby surround sound.  These relaxing videos and HD films show natural wonders and beautiful landscapes such as beaches, waterfalls, forests, lakes, … [Read more...]