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Archives for June 2012

Is Asus EeePad Transformer Prime TF201 Tablet Worth Buying?

Since they were launched on the market tablet PCs fascinated me because they were small, light and offered good computing power. Also I love to read and my library’s shelves were full of books so I really needed an ebook reader. I wanted a device which can be used as a computer and as an ebook reader. Long battery life and computing power were the features I wanted the most. So I have begun my quest on finding the best tablet PC for my needs. The iPad was my first option, but since I don’t like to pay for the brand I have looked for a gadget which had similar features and a better … [Read more...]

Solid State Relays

In case you don't know what solid state relays are, then this is an opportunity for you to learn about them. Solid State Relays are very vital electronic components that are made up of solid relays that do not have moving parts. They are ideal in applications that require long term use or reliability. On beautiful thing about this electronic component is that it is durable and very sensitive. They can switch up to 25amps and are currently available for panel mounting and pc board. However, there are lots of great companies that that supplies solid state relays, such as Teledyne, … [Read more...]

The next line of Fire- Touch screen Kiosk

One of the newest technologies to be gaining traction in the commercial and governmental spaces is the kiosk. The kiosk is not a new technology at all, in fact it has been around in some form or another since the nineteen seventies, but new advances in touch screen capabilities are redesigning kiosks into twenty first century cutting edge devices. The first kiosks most consumers are familiar with is the automated teller machine (ATM). These were built to allow users to make bank withdrawals and deposits outside of the regular banking hours. The first ATMs were known affectionately referred … [Read more...]

Business Email Directory Insight

In the business industry today, the business world cannot do without the email. The email is critical in reaching a large number of clients. thus a business email directory is remarkably important in the business world for both businesspeople and clients. Business email directories should be of the highest quality so that they can be effective. One form of a business email directory is the purchasing email directory. When you are seeking to build a business email directory as a businessperson, it is important to realize that this is a risky undertaking. However, it is remarkably cost … [Read more...]

5 Latest Mobile Technologies of 2012

In today's market, keeping up with mobile technology is as difficult as getting an auto loan. Blinking could mean missing an important advancement. Here are five of the latest advancements in mobile technology you may have missed in 2012. Padfone A recent entrant into both the tablet and the smart phone market is the padfone. The padfone is a 4.3 inch handset which serves as the brain for a 10.2 inch tablet. It features an eight megapixel camera and a Super AMOLED qHD screen. Technology, unfortunately, comes with a price tag and this one is steep. This combo of the Padfone and the docking … [Read more...]

Groomsmen Gifts for Cigar Smokers

It can be difficult to find the right gifts for groomsmen. Nowadays, though, there are a lot more choices available to pick the perfect groomsmen gifts that cater to their tastes and hobbies. Online retailers make finding meaningful groomsmen gifts easy with their wide selections of items that appeal to all types. For the groomsman who enjoys a good cigar, there are a host of beautiful and functional accessories to make the cigar experience convenient and even more enjoyable. Humidors for Travel Cigars need humidors to keep them in optimal shape. A perfect groomsman gift for the cigar … [Read more...]

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet is a good solution for people who use old dial-up connections or having no Internet connection. Unlike broadband, satellite internet may be available in places where is hard to get cables installed. In the last years the satellite technology improved and the speed has increased. According to satelliteinternetdeal.com the satellite internet has 3 major advantages: it reaches places like rural areas with little population it is faster than dial-up it is reliable Te good news is that there are plenty of options when choosing an internet provider because there are … [Read more...]

Top 10 Coolest Google Chrome Extensions

A few months ago, on the advice of friends and work colleagues I switched my allegiances from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome. Whilst I always thought of all browsers as being pretty much the same, the difference between the two took a little bit of time to get used to. One of the best features of Chrome is the extensions that are available. There really is something for everyone and I’ve highlighted my top 10 coolest extensions below. FB Photo Zoom If you’re the type of person that uses the majority of your broadband download limit snooping around on Facebook, looking at your friends … [Read more...]

What are Bearcat Scanners

Bearcat scanners basically use radio frequencies to listen to emergency and police broadcasts. To work a bearcat scanner you have to program it to a specific frequency that you need to listen to. You can enter the channel manually or scan it automatically. Normally when bearcat scanners locate a channel while scanning, it plays it for about 5 seconds before skipping to the next channel. When it locates the right channel you're looking for, you just press the "E" button to stop the scan and save the frequency by pressing the "save" button. Bearcat scanners can allow you … [Read more...]

Idea implementation

Solopreneurs often love idea generating and starting new projects. however, with input coming in from so many different directions, ideas are often abounding but there's simply not enough time to take action on all of these wonderful ideas (and still keep the business going). so what's a highly creative person to do? here are some simple tips to begin implementing ideas instead of merely collecting them. *Have an "idea collection area" so that you can collect all ideas in one spot. many times, we lose valuable ideas just because we are inspired when driving, and we write it on an … [Read more...]