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Archives for September 2012

Home Improvement Ideas

To make improvements is the good way to increase the worth of your home. It gives you an added benefit of strong feeling of pride as well as ownership. Make it an objective to tackle a single project every month outside your house. Take a walk across the road and try to look at your home from an outsider's perspective. Check if the shrubs around your home and landscaping appear old and tired. See if the paint on your house is peeling and paint it. Examine the shrubs so as to remove dead plants and replenish flowerbeds. Remember to trim or weed everything. To give your compound a face lift … [Read more...]

iZON Remote Room Monitor

If you want to know what happens in your home while you are out there is a simple solution. The iZON Remote Room Monitor allows keep an eye on things while you’re out.   This little spy gadget can be programed to respond to audio or motion detection. In just minutes you can set up your surveillance with this low-cost security guard. The iZON Remote Room Monitor can be placed on any horizontal surface or mounted to walls/trees/ceilings/bank vaults, and the angle is easily adjusted via the ingenious magnetic base. After you set up the device you must sign up on the manufacturer site. … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 the longest iPhone

I just saw a funny video about the newest iPhone. It is really cool so I had to share it. Enjoy. … [Read more...]

A Market Filled With Gadgets

It is no secret that we as consumers have a market filled with high tech gadgets and its all due to the efforts and imagination of science.  Common gadgets that we all know and see every day are mobile phones, gaming devices, GPS in cars and of course who would leave out the ever popular iPod.  Each one of these products do something to make our life simpler but they are also seen as a source of recreation. Everything from hardware, to software is seeing revolutionary advances: apps help increase our productivity, while the latest NFC chips in smartphones will allow us to pay for our … [Read more...]

An Introduction to the Usenet

Today I want to introduce you to the Usenet. It is very old – developed 1979 in the USA – and is in a sense an alternative to the Internet. Also known by the name of Unix User Network it was founded by Jim Ellis and Tom Truscott at Duke University in the United States, originally thought as a technical infrastructure to connect two computers. Its structure is built up by so-called news groups, comparable to the threads in forums where the users are allowed to post their opinions on questions or discussions. Newsgroups are available for all kinds of issues - topics reach from everyday life … [Read more...]

Using Your Notebook As a Notebook: Three Top Diary Apps

It's incredibly difficult to actually keep a diary. Here are three diary applications that have made sure I stick to it. The best thing about these three apps is that they work on notebooks. That means you can carry your diary around with you, and record information as and when the moment strikes you. If you’re got an SSD - a Solid State Drive - in your notebook, you can boot it up from ‘cold’ in next to no time, you won’t be missing a single trick. iDailyDiaryFree. The best part of iDailyDiaryFree is that it provides an extremely minimal interface. Supporting rich text and image input - … [Read more...]

Football helmet display cases

If you love action, enjoyment, charm and a complete show of a power game, football would be your first priority. Not only you, there are a large number of Americans who love football because of its charm, the madness and the die-hard spirit of it. When you love football, you would surely love to keep some memento of your favorite game. It may be a memory of your final match or an achievement by your favorite player. Sometimes, memory cannot keep the charm alive which some real articles can. You can keep the football helmet as a memento like many others which would make your walk down the … [Read more...]

Can Ultrabooks Really Handle a Design Workflow? Photoshop, Illustrator And Edge Preview on an Ultrabook

Miniaturisation is great - it means that professionals who need computing power can always have it, even on-the-go. To demonstrate this point, I'm going to review what it's like to use 'big-screen' products from Adobe's CS6 suite on an ultrabook.  It's surprisingly easy. One of the biggest limiting factors is screen size - most ultrabooks see their screens limited to around 13 inches in diameter, which is cramped for even the most minimal of designers. However, this is often made up for by relatively high dots per inch (DPI) screens - manufacturers try to cram in ‘standard’ … [Read more...]

A General Review Of Some Of The Best Ereaders In The Market

While purchasing an ebook reader, you might like to consider various specifications. Though technical specifications of every reader is different, there are some features based on which you can decide which device suits you the most. Nook Simple Touch The Nook is an ultra light and portable device with an easy to use touch screen. With a battery backup of about two months (on a single charge!) it provides clear and crisp reading. The only difficulty faced with this device is its wi-fi connectivity. People have often complained that it is slow in connecting to a wi-fi network. Kindle Touch … [Read more...]

How to choose your perfect PC

Although the face of personal computing has been changed immeasurably by the sudden influx of Tablets, Netbooks and Ultrabooks into the marketplace, for good old fashioned reliability and useability an 'all-in-one' (AIO) desktop PC is still the right choice for many. A quick browse of eBuyer shows that these are highly affordable, yet you still get plenty of bang for your buck if you are shopping on a budget. As with traditional PC's, there are plenty of models available to choose from, so you will be able to find one that meets your specifications and price bracket. Even the perceived … [Read more...]