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Archives for December 2012

How To Check For Available Domain Names

When looking for a suitable domain name for your website, you will need to find out if someone else has taken it or not. A website should always have a domain name that specifically matches what the website is concerned with. What happens if someone else has already picked it up? There will always be an alternative for such a problem. In some cases there are suspicious people who pick out most probable domain names that they fore see to be needed later. This is what is basically referred to as cyber squatting. The best way to check available domain names include using the following … [Read more...]

Do Our Gadgets Really Threaten Planes?

If you took the plane recently, or any time in the next 10 years, you have probably been warned how you should have to turn off your mobile devices. The reason they want us to do so-the plane will crash? Well, personally, I think how there is no way that my phone will take down a plane just by being turned ON. On the other hand I do turn off the phone every time I enter the plane. Why? I don’t want to take a risk (there is always a risk) and I don’t need a phone in the plane, in the first place. Now, you may say that I am acting cowardly, and you’re right. To be or not to be? But, is the … [Read more...]

How Can Using Golfing Gadgets Take Your Game to the Next Level?

Even if you are not particularly interested in playing golf, you have to admit that it is interesting trying to figure out all of the different ways that the professional players are able to consistently do so well. It could be natural talent, or it could be training. It is difficult for the average person to tell. Below is a list of gadgets that claim to be able to help improving your golf game and according to the reviews, people seemed to be pretty pleased with the product. MOTOATV This is an extremely helpful and useful product. It is about the size of a large watch and can be used … [Read more...]

Boombot REX Ultraportable Speaker

I am waiting to review the Boombot REX Ultraportable Speaker. The product hasn’t arrived but is seems very promising and I can’t wait to test it. Until now the best portable speakers I’ve tested were the X mini and I am curious how the Boombot REX will perform. If the sound quality is good I may have a new favorite portable speaker because the Boombot REX is waterproof and ruggedized which can make it a good option for outdoor activities. It also has other promising features like the ability to connect via Bluetooth. So I am waiting for my sample. To see more about the Boombot watch … [Read more...]

Get The Smartphone Buying Guide: Winter 2013 For Free

If you plan to buy a smartphone in 2013 you should get the Smartphone Buying Guide: Winter 2013. This guide is free, offered by by: Makeuseof.com, The guide presents the smartphones which will be worth buying in 2013. The guide will help you decide what phone to get because it does not arrange the smartphones in a top according to their performances. Instead the The Smartphone Buying Guide: Winter 2013 suggest phones based on your needs. This is the best way to buy things in my opinion because in many cases you won’t need all the features the phone has to offer and it makes no sense … [Read more...]

Blackberry 10-Get Set Go

Today, the markets are decked with glitzy smartphones and ultra modern look, but Blackberry seems to have left behind the roost. According to the recent report published by IDC, things look gloomy for RIM owned Blackberry service and platform. Android still rules the market with 68.3% of share till the year 2016. The situation may not be as gloomy as it appears, RIM have yet to ace up the sleeve. The Blackberry 10 platform or acronym BB10 is completely a path breaking smartphone. Here’s a review of the same Gone are the old days of stodgy, serious interface, now it’s time for sleek and … [Read more...]

Data Centers and Their Purpose

Data centers are facilities that are meant for storing computers and various components that are related to them, such as telecommunication systems. The idea of a computer facility comes from the time of the first machines. Computers were so big in the beginning that only one unit required entire rooms in the past. In any company in the modern world, IT operations can be very important. The security of information systems may help in maintaining high standards and for the integrity and functionality of a system. In general, a facility can be able to operate and handle the telecommunication … [Read more...]

How to Sell Online using Technology and its Advantages

Lots of opportunities are available when it comes to selling online; this can be from selling software and physical products to running services from the internet. Thanks to internet technology the business sector has expanded with good examples from financial sectors like banks and money changers companies to medium and small industries. How to sell online Technology has made it easy for people selling online to have a bigger exposure to potential clients. These are clients who get connected through various internet platforms like the search engines, social network and of course internet … [Read more...]

Why Desktop Computers Can Be The Better Choice

If you’re looking to buy a new computer, you must have noticed the increase in the advertising and popularity of laptops. What has happened to desktops and why do we seem to pay less attention or consideration to them? In fact it turns out there are several advantages to choosing a desktop computer over a laptop. You may not be able to take it to the cafe with you, at least not easily, but there are several things desktops can offer that laptops still struggle with. Desktops can make your money go further, as most of them have the same if not better specs than the top end of ultrabooks, … [Read more...]

ZAGGsmartbuds Review

I like reviewing new and exciting gadgets so it was a pleasure to test the ZAGGsmartbuds. ZAGGsmartbuds feature convenient in-line volume control, a microphone, and a premium length, tangle-free cord with a tough polyurethane coating. ZAGGsmartbuds features: Built-in noise canceling mic Answer and hang up calls ZAGGsmartbuds music control for iPhone Compatible with Siri Devices Premium length, tangle-free cord In-line volume control Multiple sliders for better cord management Rich, responsive sound from superior speakers Multiple earbud adapters for all ear sizes Compatible … [Read more...]