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Archives for January 2013

First Look: The Yotaphone

While CES didn't show us a huge amount in the way of new hardware this year, we have seen some fantastic developments in the smartphone world already. The YotaPhone, by Russian mobile company Yota, is possibly one of the biggest and most significant mobile developments in a long time, introducing an incredibly innovative new feature which, if it takes off, could soon become standard in all smartphone builds.   The reason we're so confident is because the YotaPhone boasts not just one 4.3-inch screen, but two: a standard LCD touchscreen on the front, and an e-ink reader on the back. … [Read more...]

Analyzing the 4 Most Common Reasons to use Managed Hosting

Every business has its own unique list of reasons why they would chose to utilize managed hosting. While the specific reasons vary greatly from one business to the next, a majority of reasons can be broken down into four basic categories. These categories not only highlight the benefits managed hosting can provide, but also common scenarios small and medium-sized businesses face on a regular basis. Limited IT Knowledge A common issue small businesses face is maintaining an IT staff with limited knowledge in relation to server maintenance. Many IT professionals specialize in applications … [Read more...]

Are Tablets Going To Kill The TV?

If you're like most people, you probably have a tablet - or a smartphone at least - within arm's reach day and night. Even if we're meant to be watching TV, our eyes can be glued to the 'second screen' of an internet-connected device. But, in a world that's increasingly mobile, could the second screen soon be king of the living room? The rise of 'second screening' A recent study of UK viewing habits, by the broadband comparison site broadbandchoices.co.uk, found over two-thirds of us look at a second screen whilst watching TV on a standard set. The survey of 2,000 adults revealed, … [Read more...]

6 Internet Security Threats That Never Seem to Go Away

It seems like every week a new Internet security threat emerges. As the use of mobile devices continues to rise and more people access the Internet than ever before, staying alert to new Internet security threats is more important than ever. At the same time, there are some Internet security threats which have been around for more than a decade and won't be leaving anytime soon. Most people have heard about these risks so often they no longer pay attention to warnings. Java Exploits Java exploits continue to plague the internet security industry. Java is currently installed on more than 1 … [Read more...]

Why You Should Use Online Couponing To Save More

When you go shopping, it can be a headache if you don't know the tricks to use to buy cheaply. If you don't compare items being sold, you might end up paying twice the amount charged in other shopping outlets. One of the simplest techniques that you can use to make savings is the use of online couponing. Basically this involves searching from online sources for coupon codes of related products you want to buy. When you get the site offering online couponing, you will have many options of the products to buy. Recently my office essential ran out and faced with monetary challenges, I … [Read more...]

Are You Really Ready For a Long Adventurous Ride on your Motorcycle?

Have you got tired of your boring routine? Contact your close friends and make a plan for a hangout. Add some spark to your recreation having a long adventurous ride along with your friends. Of course you should execute your recreation plan on a weekend. After deciding the time for the ride, comes the necessary measures that must be followed to have a fully pleasant and enjoyable ride on your motorcycle. Your motorcycle must be in good condition, means all the motorcycle parts must be working righteously. Especially the brakes, head light and the brake light on the backside must be functional. … [Read more...]

Online Project Management Software

Online project management software provides a perfect way to manage your project. An online project management software might be accessed via an intranet or WAN/LAN by means of an online browser. No additional software is required to be installed on the system. Access to control features makes it eat to use this software. This software can be used for different projects such as bug-tracking, calendar, email notifications, chart, Gantt among others. The perfect project management software must work with your current technologies, for example Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics, Sales force, … [Read more...]

The Japanese System For Answering the iPhone in Less Than 1 Second

Showta Mori from Japan invented this iPhone gadget which isn’t very practical, unless you really need to answer your iPhone in one second, but hilarious. Watch the video posted below to see how the gadget works. The gadgets which is called Sleeve Smartphone Case "Quick on the Call" can be ordered from this page. For $80 you can have a fun gadget like this one. … [Read more...]

Looking At The Web Through A Web Filter

A web filter is typically a software that basically controls what kind of content can be displayed on a computer, specially content that is sent through the Internet such as web pages, emails and so on. Also known as content control software or content filtering software, the software checks the content of the page or email, and may also check the origin of the data as well, to determine whether or not it can or should be displayed. Most people have encountered web filters at their offices and workplaces, and many browsers today also include at least some basic web filtering capabilities as … [Read more...]

What is a Spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometer in simple definition is a device used to measure the color of an object as well as generate other color related properties primarily on LCD screens. It is a small devices that is usually held in hand in its usage and can be used for the purposes of studying color quality on LCD screens as well as generating spectral graphs that can be used to drew similarities and dissimilarities and other properties of color using a graphical representation. Because the device is capable of generating various arrays related to light, it can also be used as a generator of arrays that can … [Read more...]