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The Cost of Running A Startup (Infographic)

Did you know that you could save 80% of costs if you decide to run your startup in Manila instead of Zurich? Also, web developers and web designers in New York are paid more than those who are in London and even Paris. Some of these facts may be surprising …

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New Driver-to-driver Communication Gadgets: The Animator

If you spend a lot of time in traffic you probably accumulate a lot of emotions. The guys from Drivemotion thought about this and launched a new driver-to-driver communication gadget called the Animator. Images source kickstarter.com The Drivemotion gadget was designed to be attached inside your rear car window. It …

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

If you are a heavy computer user you probably encountered one of these situations: some files you need where deleted by mistake, a drive was formatted and you want your files from it back or you needed to recover an entire partition. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can help you …

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Magic Shirts Folding Board Review

I must confess I like gadgets but until now I folded my shirts the classic way – with my hands. But this will change from now on because now I have the Magic Shirts Folding Board. This board was design to help up fold out t-shirts easily. It works very …

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4 Technologies That Put Our Mind at Ease

Technology plays a vital role in our lives, and any times we take much of it for granted. But there are some things that undeniably put our minds at ease. Image sent by author Cell phones Who would have thought that one day billions of people around the world will …

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