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Archives for November 2013

8 Amazing Gadgets for Quick Cleaning

Unless you’re Monica Gellar’s off-screen twin, it’s unlikely that cleaning is a part of life that you enjoy – and even less so when the sun’s shining and you’d rather be outside. Seeing as everything else these days has its own shortcut, we thought we’d bring you the best gadgets to help revolutionise your cleaning regime: nothing fancy or bank-breaking – just easy and simple. 1. Earth Enzyme Drain Unblocker If your shower’s beginning to turn into a bath, it’s time to get round to cleaning the plughole. If you’re fed up of using highly corrosive substances like bleach, and not keen on … [Read more...]

Cellphone evolution in your pocket

There were times when mobile phones were used only for making telephone calls or sending messages. These dinosaurs had clearly motivated function – to provide simple connection between people without involving wires and additional gadgets. Time flies, more and more cellphones are oriented not to communication only but also entertainment. Users are welcome to listen to the music and amuse themselves with the help of games. And finally cellphones turn into real computers with complicated system, numerous functions and applications. Cellphones are used everywhere, they are our source of … [Read more...]

Whats next for tablets Infographic

Sometimes the expression a picture is worth 100 words is true. Lately some of the infographics say a story better than words. I just stumbled upon an infographic about the future tablets trends. It is called “What is next for tablets” and it shows prediction made by the tech experts from Global Sources.  Enjoy. … [Read more...]

Top Technology Gifts for Christmas

With the festive season upon us once again, you might be stuck for the perfect presents. Forget the socks, ties and bottles of perfume; here is a selection of the top technology gifts for Christmas that certainly won't be shoved to the back of the cupboard. Before revolutionising entertainment and technology with the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad, Apple had reinvented the desktop with the iMac in 1998. The all-in-one Apple computer was first designed with a round shape and in rainbow colours, before the latest innovation with its ultra-thin design, magnificent LCD anti-reflective widescreen … [Read more...]

The Hidden Functions of IPad

Since Apple Company has released its newest products iPad Air and iPad mini 2 recently, we can say that Apple products have become the most popular digital products. And iPad seems become a basic tool for each of us. But as an iPad user, are you really familiar with all the functions of your iPad? Actually, iPad still has lots of hidden functions. If you don’t know that, let’s read this article together. I’m sure you will benefit a lot from it.   Image sent by author   1. The hidden keyboard The keyboard on iPad screen is not just what you see. For example: Pressing on a key … [Read more...]

CodeMe is a lost and found solution made up of people, made possible by technology

It was created to solve a problem that effects the lives of millions everyday. We know most of you can relate to the problem of losing things. It can be such a stressful and frustrating experience. From the moment you lose something, especially something important, your mind shuts everything else out. You lose focus, and frantically begin searching. Your mind races, thinking where it could be and where you last saw it. Then there comes the feeling of defeat. You begin to come to the realization that there is a chance you will not see it again. CodeMe was created because of experiences … [Read more...]

Latest News on Android Devices

Android provides power to the devices of some of the most well known phone and tablet makers in the industry such as HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Samsung, Asus and more. They are packed with high-resolution cameras and displays that provide you the flexibility you need all the time. The range of these devices is so large, that almost everyone can find his kind of Android version. This is because Android shares global partnership network with more than 300 carriers across 169 countries. Latest Devices with Android Version Here is a list of the latest devices which have managed to incorporate … [Read more...]

How exactly to pick the best VPN Company?

A virtual private network service is really a tool used to defend the secrecy of users now. There are numerous motives to have a VPN account. Lots of the folks aren’t aware of the threats that are lurking across the cyber world. With the alarm for cyber crimes, online privacy is currently an important issue. Within the reverse side, the increasing social networking sites have made it almost impossible for any user to stay anonymous on the platform. Image sent by author Around 2.27 billion people of the world see these sites. These figures demonstrate the dynamic trait of the information … [Read more...]

Contract Electronic Assembly: A Brief Report

EMS [electronic manufacturing services] is widening its range of applications across industries. Read this to gain an insight about the workings of Contract Electronic Assembly and learn why we require them in today’s world. Companies that provide EMS, or Electronic Manufacturing Services, are now offering a complete range of services from designing, testing, manufacturing to distributing. They are even providing value added services such as return/ repair for electronic components. These companies provide the above mentioned services on behalf of original equipment manufacturers. This … [Read more...]

Five Green Gadgets You Need in Your Home

There’s never been a better time to be an eco-conscious tech lover, with companies across the world practically falling over themselves to make gadgets and appliances that help save the planet (and often save you cash, too). New appliances like washing machines are now much more efficient, saving water and energy – meaning that your energy bills will be lower! There are other gadgets, too, that help you live in a more environmentally friendly way. Here then is a round-up of five of the best eco-friendly gadgets available for your home, from washing machines to thermostats to keyboards. 1. … [Read more...]