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Archives for December 2013

Power banks in fun designs

You can now say goodbye to plain black rectangular power banks as the latest models come in unusual shapes, including lipstick, sports ball and chocolate bar, and bright colors. Check out this slideshow featuring 12 China-made fancy power banks and let gadgets load up on much needed “juice” even while on the go. Colorful cylinder Images sent by author Slim and colorful best describe Shenzhen PKCell’s Portable Power Bank PK-9310 model, with its cylindrical housing consisting of multicolor squares. The model uses a 2,200mAh Li-ion battery to charge mobile phones, tablet PCs, digital … [Read more...]

The Best Tablets for College Students

A tablet isn't just for fun and games: they can also be useful tools for note-taking, organizing information, keeping a calendar, and are particularly helpful to those who are in college. But choosing the right tablet for your needs can be difficult, especially with so many available options. If you're in college or are shopping for a college student, read on for the run-down on the best choices available on the market. Image source businessinsider.com The iPad Air Using the latest and greatest technology available to combine an ultra-sleek design and a highly efficient processing … [Read more...]

Feeling Overhwlemed? Four Great Apps To Help You Keep Track Of Your Life

There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Between work, going to the gym, managing your persona life and everything else you have going on, you may wonder how you get anything done at all. Luckily technology has completely changed this. There are plenty of apps available that will make your life easier and organize everything into a more detailed way. Here are four of the top apps for doing just that, especially when you are feeling quite overwhelmed. Evernote Evernote is a top app on the app store and that’s for a reason. It’s not just for productivity, but Evernote will help you … [Read more...]

The Future Is Here: 5 Technology Advances To Blow Your Mind

Every day, a new insane advance seems to signal the future is here. While the future seems to have no limits, here are the five advances that blow our minds. Image sent by author 3D Printers 3D printers produce 3D products from bike parts to wrenches. The printers have quickly advanced in the last few years and printers are becoming more affordable all the time. 3D printers may one day solve world hunger. Scientists have now unraveled how to print edible products like algae and meat. If these efforts are scaled up, they could feed whole countries! Right now they are working on prototypes to … [Read more...]

Four Ways to Protect Yourself from the Threat of Android Malware

The year isn't even out and already mobile security experts Trend Micro have identified more than 1 million malware, viruses, and other threats released on unsuspecting users of smartphones with the Android operating system. Image source play.google.com These threats pose great danger to personal and financial security, as well as privacy, because they can: Collect text messages, voicemails, and contact lists Log keystrokes to determine passwords Record from the microphone and take photos Make phone calls And much more Some of this malware can cost you immediately too. … [Read more...]