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Archives for March 2014

6 Eco-friendly Gadgets Every Students Should Own

Students are inclined to use technology, especially that it makes their studies fast and convenient. With technology, students can access the internet for when they are writing their essays or research papers. But technology has its cons and one of these is its bad effect to the environment. Improper energy consumption causes damage in keeping a sustainable environment for the people. Image source Amazon.com Thankfully, corporations are more aware of their impact to the environment so they are making greener products. You should contribute too! Let us look at the best and greenest gadgets … [Read more...]

How Children Learn: Improving Our Understanding Using Technology

Head-mounted cameras have been around for decades, and yet it’s only within the past few years that they’ve really started to be used to their full potential. Previously, these clever pieces of equipment have been used primarily within the arts, culture, entertainment, and sports sectors – and we even got a first hand view of Josh Hill winning a Minneapolis Metrodome race via his GoPro. However, since the early 90s we’ve seen some industries dabble with head-mounted cameras for training and research purposes – something that is becoming more prominent today with the introduction of newer, … [Read more...]

The science of game addiction

Video game addiction is a phenomenon that has been getting a lot of attention in the mainstream media in recent years. While most people think of hardcore gamers as being the most likely to be "addicts", mobile users and casual gamers can be addicted to their chosen form of entertainment too. The most prominent video game addiction cases in recent years relate to World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and other similar games. Young Korean professional gamers have been known to die of exhaustion after Starcraft gaming marathons, and parents have allowed their children to die of neglect while … [Read more...]

Breakout Technology Brands and Their Success Secrets

New technology companies of 2014 bring break-out tech innovations and new business innovations to the modern world. The methods with which technology companies are becoming successful are just as revolutionary as the new tech that they are bringing to the table. Here are some of the newest brands and what they are doing to make technology more available and accessible to everyone. Avegant Images sent by author Avegant has produced an up-and-coming entertainment focused platform. The innovation of the screenless retinal display is being utilized in movies and video games with the new … [Read more...]

Telegram – the new Whatsapp

WhatsApp, the popular cross-platform messaging service, made headlines in February when it was purchased by Facebook for $19 billion. The acquisition was cause for concern for many WhatsApp users, however, because they were concerned that Facebook would alter the service in less than favourable ways. For many mobile users, their phone is an extension of their personalities, and not just in terms of custom live wallpapers and personalised phone cases. Gadget lovers like to be in control of the software they put on their phones, and a Facebook-owned version of WhatsApp goes against that. … [Read more...]

Gadgets That Are Great For School Researching

Long gone are the days when a pencil, notebook and a library card are all you need to do some research for school. Today, however, there are many gadgets that will aid a student in doing necessary research for homework or a school project. Depending on the field of study, different gadgets will be needed. Image sent by author Laptops There are many things a student can do from a laptop to aid in their research. They can search for needed material on the web, take notes and organize their research. They can read books, magazines and any other pertinent information. They can also view … [Read more...]

Gadgets We Should All Have In Our Kitchens

Aspiring chefs are always looking for new gadgets. In addition to essentials like measuring cups, measuring spoons and a set of sturdy knives, there are several other "must-haves" that make food prep more efficient. Image sent by author Digital Food Scale If you regularly make recipes that call for one pound of potatoes or four ounces of lentils, a digital food scale is an invaluable tool. Most models feature a panel that shows pounds, ounces or grams. Others include complete nutrition information for a large catalog of food items. Use the weigh dry ingredients when baking and … [Read more...]

Best Five Additions for Your DSLR Camera

If you've spent years honing your photographic skills with point-and-shoot models but find your hardware lacking, a DSLR is the next logical step. There are many DSLRs out there that should satisfy your needs at a convenient price point. Whatever you choose, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to improve your experience. Here are five quality add-ons worth considering. Image sent by author Custom Straps Some of the best shots in life present themselves without much warning. If you don't have time to line up shots and position a tripod, you'll need a good sturdy strap for stability. … [Read more...]

How the movie industry is adopting video game technology?

Games based on movies are pretty common and most of them are all about living the story rather than engaging in a furious combat. It is however true that a lot of these games copied from movies end up getting bad reviews even though the story was crafted to perfection. There’s always something wrong with them and they never seem to meet fans’ expectations. Image sent by author Movies inspired from video games – flawlessly crafted virtual worlds A lot of directors have the ability to bring a game to life and unlike a video game (that looks mechanical made), movies inspired from games are … [Read more...]

Application of MEMS in Cars

Introduction on application areas for micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) · The micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) is a micro mechanical device connected with electrical system through a mix of intergraded circuit and micro machining process. This material is shaped where by micro layers are etched away. · MEMS system is comprised of mechanical elements, electrical and electronic devices, sensors and actuators on a single silicon substrate which is the most popular material due to its physical and commercial properties and importantly its semi conductivity. Its operation is based on … [Read more...]