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Archives for April 2014

Charging With Style and Quality

Regardless of the type of phone or tablet that you buy, it is almost inevitable that the first thing to go wrong is the charger. Normally the problem is with the pin or the cable itself. While this does not mean that the chargers could be substandard, it does go to great lengths to show that they are not well suited to conquer the current harsh times. If this is not the case, most people will buy another charger. This is because, most phones and gadget companies take endless hours designing the gadgets but not the chargers or charging cables. Therefore, whereas one may buy a gadget because … [Read more...]

Military Technology: How Combat will Change in the Future

The face of combat has drastically changed throughout the past few years. Drones have already become one of the weapons that the military now uses to carry out its military measures. Spy technology has also become utilized by the military to carry out its operations. Military technology and companies like Fastec engineering will continue to change the way we do war at a rapid rate, and these are some of the technologies that may be used. Drones Drones are small robots that are used to strike a target. After an order from the governement, the military may use a drone to kill a target. The … [Read more...]

Tips to Set Up Wi-Fi That Covers Your Entire Home

Wi-Fi that almost always works is often more frustrating than a system that will not work at all. To me, I feel like the Wi-Fi transponder should just know better and do better without me having to tinker with it. Unfortunately, my Wi-Fi box is just a unintelligent little box that has to be helped sometimes. Stability in signal is the linchpin in any house or home office. You may worry that at just the most pivotal moment the signal will be lost and hours or even days of work gone with it. Or you may just be annoyed that “How I Met Your Mother” has been interrupted by an ill-timed “buffering” … [Read more...]

How IOS Development Can Grow Your Business

As powerful as technology can be in the abstract, most organizations approach technology integration with a muted sense of caution. The concern of course is that they are going to waste time and money investing in a sector that will become quickly outdated or offer a weak return on the initial investment. Luckily, iOS development is a growing business strategy and in its many applications, has proven to be a reliable way to grow any business. Image sent by author Virtual Environments Think about how much the typical business relies on email to manage projects and maintain lines of … [Read more...]

Best Security Plugins for WordPress in 2014

It is of paramount importance to run a proper and updated security plugin in your WordPress powered website to avoid any unauthorized use. Hackers are always looking for a good fortune for hacking your website. Do you want to be among the 30,000 sites that are hacked each day? You can revoke their efforts just by choosing the correct and updated plugins for your website. Blogs and sites can be shielded by some of the popular security plugins for WordPress. Image source imnotmarvin.com WP Security If you read tech news and tutorials then you must be aware of the iThemes Security that was … [Read more...]

Is Your Kid a Science Nerd? 7 Reasons to Get Your Child a Microscope

Watching your child grow, learn, and mature can be a rewarding experience for a parent, and knowing how to help your child do these things can be equally important. If your kid is not interested in science, you should know that there are seven good reasons to get your child a microscope. Image sent by author Develop Logical Thinking Skills Science is one content area that will help your child develop logical thinking skills that will serve him in all academic areas. Science gets kids thinking because they have to hypothesize, test their theories, test variables, and find results. This … [Read more...]

Favourite Shopping Destinations for Travel Geeks

Traveling can be a fun and interesting experience for those who love shopping abroad. There are many luxurious malls and open-air markets that one can visit around the world. They all have unique products and services that would make you come back for more once you visit for the first time. 1. London The Brent Cross Mall in London was opened in the year 1976 as the city’s first ever enclosed shopping destination. Though in the beginning many people didn’t believe it would work, the shopping centre has proved them wrong since it’s still thriving and even plans are underway for a major … [Read more...]

Tips to Choosing Webhosting Packages

There are various reasons as to why you would require a webhosting package. If you have a personal website and require going online with it, this is the perfect solution. Whether you have a start up business or are a novice in the field of website, you may want to take the aid of these webhosting packages. Whether you have a home business or a start up business you would not find the option of going in to an expensive venture. Thus for these reasons it is mandatory that you take the aid of webhosting packages. Image sent by author First it is mandatory to choose and identify the reason … [Read more...]

BiiSafe Buddy takes care of belongings and loved ones

People are looking for ways to make their every day life less troublesome and safer. A study* made late last year suggests that personal safety is a rising trend. 40% of the respondents were already using devices that enhance their own or their loved ones’ safety. According to 71% they will play an even more important role in the future. Image sent by author BiiSafe Buddy addresses the need of being connected and knowing everything is fine. With just one press you can search for your lost keys or other belongings that are attached to the BiiSafe Buddy. You can also share your location with … [Read more...]

Unblock – Against spying government and tyrant bosses

Did you ever face the situation where there are websites that are blocked in your workplace by your company network or in your school/college. It could be any website like a social networking websites or websites to download content. Unblock is a new tool to surf websites anonymously. Unblock any website using their zero-configuration proxy technology. Stay anonymous and ensure your privacy. It’s free and it just works. With Unblk.net the privacy of the user surfing with the tool is well concealed as the user doesn’t access the intended website as the tool(Unblock) does the actual fetching … [Read more...]