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Technology Titans: New Gadgets for Daily Life

We don’t need to own a crystal ball to know that technology is changing the way we interact with everything. Even the easily recognizable desktop computer has transformed and dwindled in size, entering mobile devices and smart appliances into our daily lives. Here’s a sample of some of the more …

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The Digital Revolution: Ways Our Technology Defines Us

Every day technology seems to help make lives easier and easier. The advent of cell phones has virtually eliminated the need to hunt around for public phones. Email and texting has largely replaced the labor-intensive act of writing and mailing physical letters. Has all this convenience and ease made us …

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G-PAD – Turn your iPhone into a clunky Game Boy

Do you ever feel like your iPhone is just too sleek and sophisticated? Do you long for the clunkier feel of an old Nintendo Game Boy? If you answered “Yes”, then you’re in luck. The new G-Pad device could be for you. It works on iPhone 5, 5S and 5C, …

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Internet Options for People in Remote Locations

In the 21st century, Internet access is taken for granted across most of the developed world; however, it is estimated that 40 percent of the world’s inhabitants cannot get online. Even in countries such as England and the United States, almost 20 percent of the population do not have reasonable …

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Top 5 Dental Health Gadgets

The world of dentistry is constantly advancing and evolving and this means that we are treated to new gadgets all the time! From toothbrushes that tell you how well you’re cleaning your teeth, to technology that promises to make injections completely painless, there’s a solution for every possible dental woe. …

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