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Archives for July 2014

Discover 5 Cool Gadgets for men

Something I've seen lately is that finding cool gadgets for men is becoming a difficult thing to do. These days, with all the amazing technology we have, there are lots of great gadgets a man would love, however, how to know which ones to select from all the options we are presented with? This is why I want to give you a list of 5 amazing gizmos that you can’t miss if you are a man, or if you’re looking something good as a gift for a man. The task may look simple, after all is just something for a guy. But the real challenge is to find something that is not just for a guy, otherwise you’ll be … [Read more...]

Old Technology That Is Worth A Lot Of Money These Days

As wonderful as technology is for improving people’s day-to-day lives, one of the downsides of most tech products is that they quickly lose their value when updated models are released to the public. For many people this means selling their items, or letting it collect dust in an attic or garage somewhere. However, the irony of some tech products is that while they may lose value in the short run, some products have quite the turnaround in value after a few decades of insignificance. Here is some old technology that is worth a lot of money these days, which may lead you to start rummaging … [Read more...]

Call in Backup – How to Backup Your Data on an iPhone or Android

A regular backup of your smartphone helps in quick and hassle-free data recovery. In any untoward incident, such as smartphone theft, you are only worried about the lost device and not your personalized contacts, media and other files. Modern-day smartphones offer simple backup options. You can back up your smartphone data to your laptop or a memory card, or Cloud storage is another option. If you aren’t accustomed to backing up your phone data, here are a few tips to help you get started. Image sent by author Backing Up an iPhone With an iPhone, you have two options for data … [Read more...]

Modern Medicine: How New Innovative Medical Technology Can Help Keep You Healthy

With technology advancing at an alarming rate, it is no surprise that medicine advances with it as well. For each new technology, scientists and doctors adapt it for numerous uses in the medical field to advance not only helping those already sick but helping already healthy individuals stay healthy. Image send by author Biosensors Similar to the canary in a cage used by miners to detect the presence of harmful gas, biosensors are used to detect toxic substances within humans and warn of their presence (Source: www.neurosky.com). They are used to monitor glucose levels in diabetes … [Read more...]

Three High-Tech Golf Gadgets That Are Not Ready for Prime Time

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past decade, I’m sure you noticed the trend to involve technology into every aspect of our everyday lives. While in some cases this is a good thing, there are a lot of scenarios where overusing technology simply takes the whole fun out of things. A very good example in this manner is golf – a sport that’s supposed to be competitive, entertaining and relaxing. However, some high-tech gadgets are unwillingly removing those factors by trying too hard, eventually transforming what was supposed to be a fun game into a stressful activity, filled with way … [Read more...]

Top gadgets for your kitchen

Technology has transformed the look and feel of kitchens. In the past, cooking could be a test of physical endurance as much as a chance to showcase culinary skills. Now, it seems there’s a gadget for everything, whether you’re slicing spuds, blending beetroot or squeezing citrus fruits. If you’re on the lookout for new items for your kitchen, it’s worth considering these handy gadgets. Countertop mixer Of course, you want your kitchen to be practical, but appearances matter too. With this in mind, you might have opted for stylish solid wood worktops like the ones offered by Worktop … [Read more...]