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Archives for August 2014

How Modern Technology is Affecting Your Education

It seems as though every day when you check the news or scroll through some updates online, you're hearing about a new method of technology. These forms of technology have implications in your personal life, but they also heavily spill over into education. Image sent by author Distracting from Classroom Time Modern technology has many benefits, and you can use the tools to learn; however, that's not always what happens. Teachers and professors spend far too much time trying to get students to take their gaze away from their cell phones and texting. Because of this extra time spent on … [Read more...]

Technology: 7 Reasons to Pursue a Career Working with Computers

The computer industry seemingly emerged out of nowhere two decades ago, changing the world of business forever. Although the tech bubble burst long ago, the computer industry is still booming. You don't have to be in Silicon Valley to be able to make a career working with technology, here are seven reasons to think about pursuing a career working with computers: Image sent by author 1. Sustainable Technology is constantly getting better, quicker and more complicated. As jobs continue to be outsourced and eliminated, jobs in technology keep getting added. There aren't many fields you … [Read more...]

Modern Medicine: How New Innovative Medical Technology Can Help Keep You Healthy

With technology advancing at an alarming rate, it’s no surprise that medicine advances with it as well. For applicable new technology that comes to market, scientists and doctors can adapt it for numerous uses in the medical field to advance treatments for both sick and healthy individuals. Wearable Technology Products Wearing items like smart watches and fitness bands can help a person monitor and improve their overall health and wellness. Devices like these have biosensors in them that can monitor the wellness of organs like your heart and brain. This kind of technology is meant to detect … [Read more...]

Learn and Play with Biggifi. Product review

The BiggiFi is an Android device which allows turning your old TV into a smartTV. This gadgets runs on Android and uses the TV as display. With it you can browse the internet, use the social media sites, listen to music, watch videos or online TV (there are thousands of TV stations streaming online plus a lot also offer the video on demand option), and play games. In plus you will have access to millions of applications via Google play. Image source biggifi.com To use the Biggifi stick all the user must do is to power the stick and insert it into a HDMi port of the TV. You will also need … [Read more...]

Nomophobia: Are You Addicted To Your Mobile?

You can’t deny that technology is taking over our lives. It influences our thoughts, movement, sleep, work routine and quality family time. The 60s and 70s were all about the hippie movement and rock and roll. The 80s saw the introduction of the personal computer, and the 21st century brought us the war on terror and the social media phenomenon. How will historians look back on this time? No doubt, it will be remembered as the age of the SmartPhones. Image source http://pixabay.com Look around you – how many people do you see sat in a coffee shop reading a newspaper or on the tube … [Read more...]

Top 5 Octa Core Smartphones in India

The Indian Smartphone market has market a major growth in the first two quarters of ongoing year, 2014. Not only Indian Smartphone manufacturers, but the International brands have also launched their latest devices, which have been widely popular in the market. With time, the smartphones are becoming more powerful and high performing as well. If we talk about the Processors & RAM added on smartphones these days, you would be amazed to know that some of them are faster than your old computer or laptop. The latest smartphones can run huge applications and various entertaining games with an … [Read more...]

Five reasons you need fibre optic broadband

What do an iPad, HTC One (M8), Samsung smart TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, NOW TV box, Macbook Air have in common? Other than the fact they’re all pretty cool? The answer, of course, is that they’re all severely hobbled - if not entirely useless - without the internet. The web is now important to most people - they need it for work, they need it for play, and they need it to play while pretending to work - and a good connection downright essential. Standard ADSL broadband will still get the job done, but to get the most out of today’s technology, you need the best broadband possible - in … [Read more...]

New Technology Innovations in Automotive Industry

It's the dream of every modern person to own the latest and most technologically advanced vehicle, every so often the automotive industry welcomes new and improved cars that leave motorists in adoration. Whether you're a fan of SUVs, sedans or station wagons there's always something special waiting for you. Here are some recent innovations that have got people talking. Image sent by author Self-driving cars: Also known as autonomous vehicles or driverless cars, these road machines are capable of transporting the motorist from one location to another without using the steering for … [Read more...]

Celltack Review

I just received a small gadget called Celltack for review. It is the world’s first wearable smartphone docking system and it is in fact a small, smart device which allows an improved functionality of the way we interact with our phones. Images sources indiegogo.com Celltack was designed as functional jewelry for iPhones and smartphones. This gadget has 3 parts: 1 ring and 2 magnetic cleats. You will attach one cleat to the back of the phone and then use the ring to keep you phone on you hand or use it as a mini docking stand (as seen in the image posted below).    The other … [Read more...]

iCookie Review

iCookie is a small and smart gadget which allows you to track and keep you child or belongings close to you. This gadget works paired with the iCookie app which must be installed on a smartphone and it acts as an anti-lost tracker. With the iCookie gadget you will not loose you child, pet or luggage because your phone will alert you if the gadget is out of range (10~20m) . The use of the device is simple: attach the iCookie to the person, pet or object and install the app on your phone. The app is available for both iPhone and Android users and you can download them from iTunes or Google … [Read more...]