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Shortee Stylus Review

The latest gadget I got for review is the Shortee Stylus. It is a pen which can be used to operate touch screens. This gadget is small and and features a conductive fabric micro-fibre tip which will make it work on all touch screens. Image source expertshielduk.com A big plus …

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Benefits To Working In The Technology Field

In the United States alone, there are over 2 million people employed in technology-oriented jobs. Why are people flocking to the technology field? In truth, there are many benefits of working in the technology field. In the current economic climate, it just makes sense to seek out a job in …

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Selecting The Right Air Tools For The Job

Numerous advantages came along with the development of modern technology, especially in the field of machinery. As technology progressed through the years, tools, engines, and machines in general became very sophisticated. Reduced energy costs and noise, increased efficiency and ease of use have made modern tools a desired commodity. A …

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Implementation and Use of Biometric Authentication

If you consider the weakest link in your organization’s information security measures are passwords, then it is time that you move ahead to settle down with some more secure alternative. Considering biometric authentication to be your chosen form can turn the security measures of your company around. It is no …

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The gadgets that Bond would love

So much of science fiction eventually turns into science fact and there are now a raft of nifty gadgets on offer that would have been the stuff of dreams and story books not long ago. Some of these devices would be worthy of the gadget master himself James Bond. Here’s …

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