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Archives for December 2014

Montar 360 Review

What is Montar 360? Image source winnergear.com This gadget is and universal car mount which was designed to be installed with one hand on your car to keep you smartphone handy. A lot of people are using smartphones in their cars to make phone calls, listen to music or for navigation purposes. This is why devices like car mounts are so popular these days. The Montar WG-CMM02013 features a 360 degrees rotation “arm” which will allow you to easily move the phone’s screen into a visible position. Main features and specs: powerful, patented suction cap compatible with all … [Read more...]

A Quick Look at Some Awesome, Modern Gadgets

They say that necessity is the mother of all invention. While this may be true in many cases, some of today's modern gadgets exist strictly for comfort and enjoyment. Nonetheless, there are a wealth of gadgets on the market that leave us wondering how we ever got by prior to their invention. Below, you will find some of the coolest and most useful gadgets to date. Image sent by author Crystal Clear Picture There are plenty of people out there who consider their television to be a décor eyesore when it is not in use. The transparent television is silencing these critics by offering a huge … [Read more...]

Superb Battery Life and High Performance with HP Stream 11

The HP Stream 11 gives look of an expensive laptop, has excellent battery life, 1TB of ONE Drive online storage and one year of Microsoft Office 365. It aims at being a cloud focused laptop like Chromebook with additional utility of Window8. It is a very low budget laptop but has impressive battery life. Chromebook is straightforward. There is no point paying extra for operating system of Microsoft’s Window 8 when you just need an access to web browser. Its touchpad is normally finicky and onboard 32GB SSD is quite small for casual use too. Image source Pixabay HP is presently promoting … [Read more...]

7 Ways Technology Can Help Your Business

Technology can be a game changer for practically any type of business. Software and technology can offer a competitive advantage for companies when leveraged. Here are seven ways technology can help your business. Image sent by author Marketing can be streamlined with technology. Technology can be used to target new markets and effectively reach current customers. Internet marketing strategies and mobile campaigns that require careful tracking of analytics are supported by technology. Sales tracking, lead capturing and nurturing efforts can be extremely effective with the right … [Read more...]