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Archives for January 2015

Mobility With Cloud Hosting

Cloud is a term widely used these days. Every tech enthusiast seems to like cloud services because usually these are affordable and allows the user access to their files from everywhere in the world. Cloud is a term widely used these days. Every tech enthusiast seems to like cloud services because usually these are affordable and allow the user access to their files from everywhere in the world. Not only individuals love the cloud, businesses like the cloud as well. The main advantage for a business is the cost factor. Cloud services are also easy to use and great for people who work … [Read more...]

What is Codie

I just got an email from Alex Fehertavi letting me know about a new project called Codie. The project look exciting so you can read what is it about below. The text is written by Alex. Images sent by Alex Some say that coding is the new literacy. We’ll see if that prediction ever becomes true in the near future, but nevertheless, knowing how to program and the knowledge of how to use technology in a creative way prove to be a real asset. In many countries like the UK or Estonia, coding has already been introduced in the school curriculum, and children as young as 8 write their first … [Read more...]

System Mechanic Review

The guys from System Mechanic asked me to review the new version (#14) so I installed the software. I reviewed this program a while ago; you can read my previous review here http://www.gadgets-club.com/system-mechanic-review/. The new System Mechanic is still beginner friendly because it offers some All in one tools for defragmenting registry, optimizing the system drive, defragmenting memory, backing up registry, removing Internet cache files and the Windows temp files. These tasks are done automatically and even if you are not a tech savvy you can still clean your computer just by following … [Read more...]

AirDog – The gadget to get in 2015!

Last year was full of amazing gadgets that made the world a very different place, forever. This year is no exception, and seems like the connection between amazing video footage and extreme sports is getting stronger and stronger. This year we’ll see that bond strengthened by AirDog, an amazing gadget that’s already creating some of the most amazing videos that the world has seen. I invite you to keep reading and find new ways in which your imagination and AirDog will shape your life in 2015. AirDog is the name of this fantastic device, and I think the name speaks by itself. This is a drone … [Read more...]

Five Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Every homeowner knows how much work it takes to keep a house in order and maintain the functionality of everything that is being used in it on a daily basis. Plumbing, electricity, furniture, doors and windows, you name it. In order not to call a professional every time you need even the smallest malfunctions fixed, it would be smart to invest in buying at least the most necessary tools required to do these small, everyday fixes yourself. Therefore, we prepared a list of five essential tools you as a responsible homeowner should absolutely have. Narrowing the selection to only five tools was … [Read more...]

5 Online Alternatives for a Frugal January

We all feel the financial pinch in January. Many employers now pay their staff just before Christmas in December rather than the end of the month in order to help cover costs. This leaves many of us with a 5 week month and less money to cover it than we would have on a regular month. If you are one of those people who are left wondering how you will get through January, take a look at our five online alternatives below on how you can make it through this month and still have fun on a budget! Image source pixabay Stick to a budget The first thing you need to address is how much money you … [Read more...]

Five Technologies That Can Save You Money

With technology improving on a yearly basis, our lives have become incredibly dependent on these tools. Some technological tools can not only make simple tasks easier, but they can also save you a lot of money. Here is a look at five money saving technology tools. Image source pixabay Motion Sensors By linking your lights and appliances to motion sensors, you can save a lot of energy and money. These motion sensors will know when you are entering or leaving a room, switching off the television, lights and other devices when you are gone. Appliances and lights can also be … [Read more...]

VanBox Thunder D2 15000mAh Dual USB Port Power Bank Portable External Battery Charger Review

After testing the Linkon power bank it was the time to test the VanBox Thunder D2. This is a power bank designed to charge your smart devices the fast and easy way. It works with smartphones and tablets and the VanBox is a portable external battery charger which features two USB ports so you will be able to charge two devices in the same time. Image source amazon.com The Vanobx capacity of 15000mAh allows the users to power all sorts of gadgets from smartphones to tablets and it is a good option for traveling because the modern gadget’s battery life is quite short - a lot of them … [Read more...]

Leawo Blu-ray Player Review

I was looking for a solution to play Blu-ray/DVD disc, folder or ISO and I have stumbled upon the Leawo Blu-ray Player. The software allows a user to play Blu-ray and DVD movies on your PC even these are inside a .ISO file. If you are using the same DVD/Blu-Ray from multiple devices or you want to watch some movies and not to carry your DVD collection with you, transferring the DVDs on your HDD as .ISO files can be a good solution. Using .ISO files was my favorite solution when I had a netbook because it came without a DVD player; therefore I copied my DVDs on my PC converting them to ISO … [Read more...]

Future of Wireless Data for Businesses and Consumers

Wireless network operators across the worldview knowledge as a considerable financial gain resource that has various edges for businesses and customers alike. Unlike voice, the information consumption depends on multiple realtors and this fact works to the advantage of these within the business. They will simply rescale the common usage volume per user. With the introduction of 4G service, business homeowner’s are during a position to giving quick web access to their customers. The shoppers on reception of quality service can demand a lot of and this argues well for those within the … [Read more...]