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Archives for April 2015

Doing the Math: Which Business Programs are Worth the Expense?

A common question among business owners today, is whether business programs are actually doing more, and are they really worth the higher costs? It all depends what a business is trying to do, and what is its present platform. Likewise, where it hopes to go in short-term, mid-term and long-term projections are other valid issues. Image sent by author While some businesses do well with the latest Microsoft developments, others do not. When the first outbreak of computer viruses and hacking hit Windows XP back in early 2003, millions of consumers/users began a slow shift to other … [Read more...]

Understanding Drone Technology and how it is Changing the Future

Drones are a hot technology that is attracting attention everywhere from government to business and hobbyist use. They are rapidly increasing in their capabilities while decreasing in price. That is why so many new applications for drones are popping up. Big companies like Amazon want to use drones for deliveries. Movie studios mount cameras on drones for sweeping aerial shots. The government has been using drones in the military for a long time, but they are constantly expanding the role of drones. And though they were once too pricey for all but the most dedicated, drones are now in reach of … [Read more...]

6 Cell Phone Obsessions to Break

Smartphones are great. You can keep up with e-mail on-the-go, check movie times when you’re out and about, and text practically anyone, no matter where they are in the world. All of that blue screen time takes a toll on health, though. From no longer being able to focus on important tasks to causing back and neck pain due to being hunched over the phone all day long, there are several reasons to part with your phone now and then. Here are six cell phone obsessions to kick to the curb. 1. Taking pictures of everything. Photography is great, and thanks to new technology, smartphone cameras … [Read more...]

Cordskinz. A Simple and Effective Anti Tangle Gadget For Earbuds

he latest gadget I reviewed is called Cordskinz. You probably know that I like simple gadgets so the Cordskinz impressed me in a good way. Cordskinz is an anti tangle device for earbuds. The earbuds are useful and cool for listening to music but they have the nasty habit of tangling. The Cordskinz was specially designed for us to get rid of the tangled earbuds. Image source cordskinz.com See how this gadget works in the short (30 second video posted below)   The Cordskinz main features are: earbuds anti-tangler device cord protector lightweight and … [Read more...]

Mobile Gaming: The Trends and Developments That Have Changed the Industry

Since Apple released the iPhone and iPad the whole technology world has been turned on its head. What we once knew as an industry that merged sleek styles and elaborate designs with the best technical specifications has had the whole rulebook re-written by one tech giant who didn’t just raise the bar, they made a new one and put it far higher up and now everyone else is playing catch up. Image source Pixabay While the giants like Samsung have held onto Apple’s coat tails, major mobile phone companies like RIM, makers of the original smartphone, the Blackberry, and Nokia - one of the … [Read more...]

The Most Desirable Gadgets of 2015

Gadgets are everywhere now, especially around our homes. We all see things advertised on our televisions (which are amazing enough themselves) and instantly have that craving to spend the whole of our next pay packet on them because they look so cool...we can dream!! The advancements in technology that we’ve witnessed over the past decade or so have been so astonishing that the items we’re using every day today were merely concepts ten years ago. While many of us can still only dream of buying them, others are earning and saving enough cash to afford them, showing them off to their friends at … [Read more...]

2015 will be a Big Year for Big Data: The Most Important Trends to Know About

Trends drive markets in a variety of divergent directions; however, large companies understand that trends are key to predicting financial outcomes. For this reason, 2015 will be pivotal for many large and medium sized companies seeking to leverage the latest advancements in Big Data management and analytics. New perspectives and methods of how to manhandle Big Data will inevitably produce greater insights into market trends emerging within the data being organized for immediate analysis. The following are four trends with Big Data that will become center stage as we progress further into … [Read more...]

Cloud vs dedicated servers

Cloud computing is a popular concept these days. Almost everyone is using a cloud service for fun or work. I recently asked myself if cloud is better than having a dedicated server. After reading a few blogs and some expert's opinions I realized that having a dedicated server is a better option because: you can decide what hardware you want to have you decide what software and apps will be installed you can tweak the settings to your likings. With a dedicated server you are in full control. Of course you need to know what are you doing, although a lot of dedicated server … [Read more...]