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Archives for May 2015

The BIGGEST Gadget to Buy for Home, Office, School or Retail Store

Have you heard the expression “big is better”? Well some smart guys created a new gadgets which can transform any TV into a giant tablet. The Giant Tablet can be used for work or fun and it was created to be used in retail stores, schools, offices and homes. Initially I was intrigued by the idea of having such a large tablet. The ideas behind tablets is and was extreme portability and taking my TV with me everywhere is not going to happen. But a giant tablet can prove to be very useful for: business to present their offers and to communicate with their customers better. A large screen … [Read more...]

Gadget Guru: Newest Tech Wonders of 2015

As time goes on, technology continues to progress to new achievements that only a few years ago, were thought impossible. This is certainly the case in 2015. Many new pieces of tech are being introduced that could change the way people live and play. Below is a list of a few such innovations. Image sent by author Automated Automobiles One mainstay of 1950’s science fiction was the idea that someday cars would drive themselves. This possibility is now reality, and there is a high likelihood this technology could be implemented into consumer automobiles. Companies that currently have … [Read more...]

Can Smartwatches Become the Future of Wearable Tech?

There is a new trend in technology which is rising: smart watches. More and more people tend to use a smartwatch simply because these gadgets are fashionable and cool. Below you can find an infographic from which you can learn more about these devices. Can Smartwatches Become The Future Of Wearable Technology by Watches2U. … [Read more...]