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Archives for August 2015

How many weighing scales are there in your home?

Weighitz is a new smart-scale focused on being the ultimate tool to use just about anywhere- in the house, in your office, or abroad. This must-have packing list item is capable of extreme precision all the way to weighing large, bulky items up to 90 pounds. Images sent by author The technology works by sycning to a blue-tooth enabled device to read and chart weights, and multiple Weighitz can combine together to weigh objects much larger than their individual load limit. All you have to do is find a suitable balancing item to place your weight on, be it a bowl, piece of plastic, a pillow, … [Read more...]

Learn How to Make Your Man Cave a Technological Paradise

The concept of a man cave started simply enough. It was a family room or game room, but over the years it has become so much more. Everyone is familiar with the typical hunting trophy and beer sign man cave decor, but today's man cave goes beyond these rustic charmers and into high-tech paradises. Image sent by author Game System Vintage stand-alone machines make great conversation pieces, but a Wii, Xbox or PlayStation will give you a lot more gaming variety. You could always get by with just moving your current system from the living room to your quiet new man cave away from the rest of … [Read more...]

Four Steps to Get a Fiber Optic Internet Connection for Your Home

Getting a fiber optic internet connection for your home is easily done, and once this is accomplished, you will enjoy faster speeds on the Internet than ever before. In addition, this is done with large amounts of data. Keep in mind that fiber optic services are not only for surfing the web, but you will be able to enjoy movies and other digital programming streamlined without glitches or other disruptions due to transmission issues. Fiber optics gives you greater bandwidth than in other Internet connection available. Find out if fiber optics is available in your area This is easily done. … [Read more...]

Telecoms in Afghanistan: Sustainable Technology Growth

Telecommunications in Afghanistan suffered until the end of 2011. At the end of the war in Afghanistan in that year, Kabul's two million inhabitants were served by only 12,000 telephones. By 2003, the telecommunications program in Afghanistan was showing signs of real promise. With the help of foreign private investments facilitated by the government, independent telephone companies started becoming established in Afghanistan. This growth was fueled by the slow but steady expansion of the Afghan wireless network. From 2003 onwards, the first and only mobile network, Afghan Wireless … [Read more...]

Adlens Sundials Glasses Review

I just love the gadgets which prove to be useful. This is why I was delighted to test the Adlens Sundials. Image source adlens.com These are some smart glasses because they allow the user to adjust the lens to fit their prescription. The Sundials feature continuously adjustable lenses which allow the user to adjust the glasses see up close, into the distance and all around. These is the main benefit of this type of glasses. The use adjustable lenses is just brilliant. The user simply adjusts the glasses to fit their needs and if another person wants to use the sunglasses it is simple to … [Read more...]

Low-Code Tools for Faster Mobile Apps Development

Nowadays enterprises are using low code tools for the delivery of applications which require much less time and programming language during the development process. Image source Pixabay What are Low Code Tools? Low code tools like WordPress are a flexible set of pre-designed and coded programs or subroutines that allow developers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and anyone else to develop and modify programs as needed. Such tools also integrate features, images, and databases available on the net or in other applications with required logical sequences for the particular workflow. These tools … [Read more...]