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Archives for November 2015

James Bond Watches

The guys from Watches2u put together this cool infographic with James Bond's watches. Have fun. The Watches Of James Bond by Watches2U. Which one is your favorite? … [Read more...]

Can I have American Ip to access Netflix US?

Netflix is quite a phenomenon on the web these days. Right now Netflix is an amazing success with over  69 million subscribers. It is probably the most important on-demand streaming website which allows user registration and access from USA,  Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South America and some Eu countries. It reads the IP Address of the device which connects to the service and if you are not located in the accepted countries you won't be able to watch movies. This is unpleasant if you travel of if you live in another part of the world. So if you want to access American Netflix and you … [Read more...]

A Concise Review On Movavi Screen Capture Studio

The contemporary busy world often hinders us from leading the life just the way we want to. For example, say you are waiting eagerly to catch an online stealing travel show but then you end up with a professional assignment just at the time of streaming. But then again, you have the screen recording software programs which are designed to record the live streaming shows online which would be saved in your computer so that you can watch them later. Image source movavi.com Are you too looking for such a software program? Well, when it comes to the most voted screen recording software … [Read more...]

Online Technology Your Business Probably isn’t Taking Advantage of

When it comes to succeeding in business, getting the right technology is key. Because online technology changes so frequently, business leaders must stay up-to-date, or risk getting left behind in their markets. Many businesses take advantage of technologies like internet security, inter-office emails, and Cloud technologies, but these four important options may be forgotten in the grind of daily work. Image sent by author Improved Accounting Companies who continue to do accounting without the help of online software are simply spending more time on payroll, income, and other … [Read more...]

4 Ways Technology will be Changing our Future

The world of tomorrow, once the province of science fiction, is moving too fast to think in that old way. Here are four areas where you can expect to major advances very soon: Image sent by author TRANSPORTATION The self-driving cars are here. Google's prototype became the first driverless car to get pulled over by a California policeman. A driverless bus made a 20 mile trip through downtown Zhengzhou, China without incident. We'll marry this technology to GPS and networked supercomputers, and you have a system that regulates traffic on a global scale, leaving us perhaps freed from … [Read more...]

Researching the Best Ways to Protect Your Product

When you have taken the time and energy to create the perfect product for your consumers, you want to know that it will give your buyers the best return on their investment. You want it to last for years without wearing out or breaking. One of the primary ways that manufacturers protect their creations is by applying a solid finishing coat that will ward off damage from moisture, repeated use, and environmental elements. When you want to add this protective finish to your products, you may be wise to ask questions like what is PVD coating and other similar finishes. You can get your answer by … [Read more...]

The Many Benefits Of CAD/CAM Software

When CAD/CAM software was first introduced, it was marketed as a tool for architects and engineers to use to design large structures. Over the years, various California software companies have been able to develop CAD/CAM software into a tool that is used by designers in a variety of industries. If you are a designer or your company utilizes design services, then there are several benefits to using CAD/CAM software that you should be aware of. Image source Pixabay Rotating 3D View One of the more significant advances in CAD/CAM software over the past few years has been the … [Read more...]

5 Simple Suggestions for Finding the Best Deals on Electronics

While big retail websites try to persuade you that they have the cheapest electronics you can possibly find, the truly tech-savvy shoppers are getting some serious deals on the down low. Here are five simple suggestions that can help you join their ranks easily. Image source pixabay.com 1. Look for Refurbished Items Check out store inventories that offer refurbished items along with new ones. The refurbished ones have been used before, but they've been fixed up so they work just as well as new ones. They might even have a warranty for a short period of time. A refurbished product … [Read more...]