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Archives for December 2015

Move Your Business Online

There are many opportunities for small business to grow these days. In the past large business had all the advantages. They had money to invest in new technologies and small business just couldn’t keep up. Now there are a lot of affordable technologies and even small business can afford them. Think about it: a small business can have a site up and running for less than $500. An email like Yahoo or Gmail is free and there are a lot of places where a business can be advertised for free! For example, business looking for a timesheet portal online can try the software for free before making … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Upgrade the Tech in your Home

One of the biggest drivers in the improvement of people’s lives is new technology. One place where new tech can do that is in your home. Below are seven different ways you can upgrade the tech in your home to make your life easier. Image sent by author 1. Install Smart Door Locks If you thought a smart phone could only be used to make calls and surf the web, you were mistaken. A smart phone can also be used to unlock your front door in place of a key. Simply install a smart door lock. You can then load the appropriate app and tap the phone on the lock to unlock the door. 2. … [Read more...]

Speakers to Go

We all love our gadgets to be small and mobile. We tend to travel more often and to take our gadgets with us everywhere. Image source portablespeakersreviews.com The portable speakers are really cool. The trend now is to go wireless and there are a few technologies which help us to get rid of the unwanted wires. One of the most common used technologies to go wireless is the Bluetooth. Nowadays there are a lot of Bluetooth speakers which can simply connect to smartphone, computer or tablet. Most of them are ultra-portable featuring compact designs. The portable speakers are … [Read more...]

Gear up Your iPhone

Having a phone for a while can make it seem boring and uninteresting, but, when you feel like you have reached your phone’s pinnacle, then it is time to look into various accessories you can purchase. You can really customize your iPhone so that it will look more genuine, and that you can suit your needs. Of course, look into the prices of the accessories, as some can be costly, and for the time being, you might not even need it. Images sent by author Is There Something Going On In Your Home? With a few additions and a good app downloaded, you can turn your phone into a security … [Read more...]

The Future of Block Chain

The continual development of modern technology has meant that almost every industry has been subject to changes in their business operations and processes on a day-to-day basis. The banking world is no different. The introduction of Bitcoin – a completely digital currency – in 2008 has meant that the way individuals and businesses operate their banking has rapidly transformed in recent years. However, with a digital currency, there needs to be a means of tracking data, balances and transactions, which is where the block chain comes in. Here, we take a look at what the block chain is and … [Read more...]

Cyber Theft: 4 Ways Your Identity Is at Risk

Identity theft is among one of the most prevalent non-violet crimes in the United States. The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that 17.6 million U.S. residents were victims of identity theft in 2014. They also found that two-thirds of those victims suffered monetary damage as a direct result. Image sent by author Cyber theft, which involves stealing the identity details of an individual through online means, is one of the most prevalent ways for information to be stolen. Unlike physical theft, it's one of the easier things to protect yourself from. Let's explore four … [Read more...]

What Can An Internet Marketing Company Do For My Business?

Although many business owners are aware that developing an online presence can optimize their bottom line, some don't know how to get the Internet advertising process started. The key to success in the world of eCommerce is hiring a highly skilled team of digital marketers to work on your behalf. There are a wide range of internet marketing services that these digital firms can offer. Here are three of them: 1. Web Design And Development. One of the most important internet marketing services offered by an online advertising firm is web design and development. A great website is the … [Read more...]

A Brief History of the Air Compressor

Air compressors are used in many products to provide compressed or pressurized air. Air compressors are even used in construction to power equipment as well as control system valves. Air compressors have been around for thousands of years. Of course, early models of air compressors were not versatile, and they required some form of manual operation. The earliest air compressor is in fact the human lung. This is because people can inhale oxygen and exhale it to do things like stroke fires. People went from using their own lungs to provide air pressure to using manufactured devices at around … [Read more...]

Travel Jacket’s Theology

Modern technologies are changing your lives fast and in the last years almost everything became high tech. Today clothing integrates new technologies when it comes to the materials used and also because the manufacturers know that we love our gadgets special compartments were created. The new technologies make our clothes warmer, wind and dirt resistant, lighter and more practical. For example the guys from Global Travel Clothing are specialized in creating cool travel jackets which have a lot of useful features for the one who travel a lot. They know that when we travel we usually … [Read more...]

Consumers can obtain hefty rebates by making use of NCIX Canada coupons

Netlink Computer, popularly known as NCIX is a Canadian online retail chain which specializes in the sale of computer software and hardware accessories. Based out of British Columbia, this retail chain has several outlets spread out across Canada and also has three shipping facilities – two in Canada and one in the US. The retailer has been in business for almost two decades now and is recognized to be one of the top choices for Canadian as well as US consumers. Over the years, the company has steadily expanded on its operations and has included more and more products in its … [Read more...]