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Archives for April 2016

Game Quality Responds To Device Power, Player Demand

Electronic gaming has been a popular diversion for over three decades. As succeeding generations have come along, they have demanded ever greater entertainment from their games, and the industry has responded in concert with the device industry. Image source pixabay Within every subgenre of video games, there has been growth and advancement in the industry's offerings. The choices at Casino Room blog reflect the demands of the consumer, a desire to go beyond basic Solitaire or Black Jack and venture into greater complexity. The companies clearly know that the gamer will go … [Read more...]

5 Basics for New Hoverboards Riders

Hoverboards are the latest craze that can be seen on the streets of many large cities. This more sophisticated descendant of the skateboard has gain significant popularity over the last few years. Although they still do not levitate, hoverboards have become a frequent choice of younger generations. So, let's get to know these vehicle-gadgets from a closer point of view. Images sent by author Name disambiguation The most important feature that every rookie hoverboard rider needs to know is that there are no handles on these cutting-edge wheeled boards. The product that has a … [Read more...]

Lose Weight Without Dieting App Review

Gadgets and technology are a big part of our life. Now there are apps for everything I can think of and because these days almost everyone has a few extra pounds there are apps which help users tracking their weight loss results. Because I always look for new tech stuff to test I decided to review an app called Lose weight without dieting. Images source Google Play First I downloaded the free version which has ads (no surprise here all the free apps have ads). The ads are displayed on the button which is fine because these are not annoying. The app is simple to use. On the main … [Read more...]

Technology in Nursing and the Careers Coming into Play

Nursing is a field that has seen remarkable changes in just the last few years. It's become increasing important for nurses to understand how to use new technology, especially with the new health information technology (HIT) garnering a lot of attention. It's a fundamental part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and an item that has been included in the federal budget. Depending on your role as a nurse, it could mean different things to you. Image sent by author Clinicians As a clinician, you'll be expected to learn how to use electronic records to document your … [Read more...]

What Careers Are In Demand In Today’s Tech-Driven World?

The tech-driven world demands individuals with a variety of skill sets that understand the landscape. They include front end jobs with webmasters and social media managers to behind the scenes with cyber security analysts, electrical engineers, software developers, and software engineers. Here is a quick look at each career. Image sent by author Webmaster To be successful as a webmaster, professionals have to know their way around the internet and websites. They are the chameleons of IT due to familiarity with design, coding in HTML and JavaScript, content writing, and more. … [Read more...]

Tech Innovations in 20016 That Will Affect Business

Did you know that your business depends on your ability to follow the latest trends in technology? At times, it may seem like the latest tech innovations have nothing to do with your line of work, but you need to become a bit tech savvy in order to be able to tell for yourself. At a blink of an eye, something that sounded like a boring talk about some new material may suddenly mean that mobile devices just got five times faster and that you need to get new ones. If you do not stay up to date, your competition definitely will, so it is not really a matter of choice. Here are some things that … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Secure your Future in the World of IT

The world of technology continues to change and advance. A career in the IT industry can provide security and a lucrative salary, if you understand what is required to keep your career thriving. The future in IT holds many changes. You need to secure your career and continue to grow as technology grows. Image sent by author Continue Your IT Education Although your skills using specific IT technologies are important, top employers often require at least a bachelor degree and continuing your education. Security is becoming more of a top priority for many organizations. Consider … [Read more...]

Gadget Preview. Nativ Vita The High-Resolution Music System

I often look for new and exciting gadgets which will be released soon and last week I stumbled upon the Nativ Vita. Image source nativsound.com It is a gadget for music lovers and audiophiles and it promises to be quite cool. This high-resolution music system comes with an integrated memory of 4TB to store music which is impressive (I don't think that my music collection is larger than 100GB). Form the 11.6” touchscreen LCD you will be able to control all your music from the music stored on the device itself to the collection from your computer and smartphone and from places like … [Read more...]

Virtual Reality & Gaming

VR is the word on everyone's lips when it comes to what's up and coming in the gaming world. There has been high demand for the Oculus Rift, the innovative high-end headset that's clearly driving early adoption among gadget fans. But virtual reality gaming is gaining traction outside of geekdom, with 5 million people already dabbling in VR experiences with tech like the Samsung Gear VR headset powered by Snapdragon's best mobile processor, which provides the best in virtual reality graphics. Image source Pixabay According to research data from Statista, sales of virtual reality … [Read more...]

Wearable Technology

Sometime in the last few years, wearable technology went from a novelty that was only used by a handful to tech enthusiasts to mainstream fashion statement. How exactly did that happen? Despite what it might look like, it didn’t happen overnight. It actually took decades. It all started in the ‘70s, when the very first digital watch was released. Since then, companies have tried to create devices that people can use (and wear) every day. Most were flops. But as technology improved and companies got a better idea of what people wanted in wearables, startups and giant companies started … [Read more...]