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Archives for May 2016

2016’s most entertaining apps

Whether we’re swapping faces with friends, visiting the online casinos, or just creating a viral music video, there’s nothing like an app to give us some great mobile entertainment. So here’s a look at which apps are making waves in the tech world in 2016! Image source i.ytimg.com Photography Thanks to smartphone technology, our mobile devices are capable of taking some pretty impressive photographs. But even the most glamorous smartphone user can have an off-day, which is why the Facetune app has proven to be such a hit as it can hide the circles under our eyes, remove spots, and … [Read more...]

3 Intriguing Uses for Your New Drone

Drones come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price ranges. As cost continues dropping and the popularity of the remote-controlled flying devices increases, more and more people are joining the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) craze. If you just got a new drone, you’ve probably enjoyed using it to get bird's eye views high over terrain locations. However, many have discovered that the devices can be quite useful as well. Read on to find out some interesting ways you can use your new drone. Image source Pixabay Agriculture If you are a farmer, you might use your drone to keep an eye … [Read more...]

An SQL Database Can Help Your Business Succeed if it’s Managed Correctly

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It’s the standard language for database management, according to the American National Standard Institute. SQL is one part of data governance (DG), which is the management of your data’s availability, usability, integrity, and security. Without DG your data is at risk, which puts your business at risk. Employ SQL to ensure that your data is protected and your processes defined, and you’ll be well on your way toward a full set of controls and audit procedures that not only focus on ease-of-use and privacy, but also ensure that you’re compliant with … [Read more...]

Gadgets that Will Make Your Entrepreneurial Adventure Worthwhile

Technology can be a double-edged sword in the modern world. It can either help you save time and effort, or bog you down with new systems and functions that barely make any sense at all. If you're a new entrepreneur, you need gadgets that will keep your ambition fueled to go the extra mile. Take a look at some of these next generation gadgets. Image sent by author Organizing Your Receipts If you have a drawer or a shoebox full of receipts, it can really take the wind out of your entrepreneurial sails. You need to maximize the amount of time you spend on administration, and that … [Read more...]

How To Bypass Social Media Dangers For Kids

The use of social media has its pros and cons but the negative effects outnumber when it comes to teens and the young children. Nowadays every house has more than two or three digital devices and these devices prove handy for teens to access internet and social media apps and websites. The uncontrolled use of social media by teens is impacting them in dangerous ways like they are exposed to pornography, inappropriate content, unwanted photos and images. TheOneSpy presents research based data on how teens use social media apps, what are their impacts, what consequences they face and how their … [Read more...]

Five Fun Jobs That Every Technology Expert Should Consider

A passion for technology is one of the most marketable skills that you can possess. Unlike many fields, the number of potential career paths a technology expert must sift through is staggering. This list contains five jobs that stand out as some of the most rewarding and enjoyable to help you get started choosing your own specialty. Image sent by athor Astronaut If you looked to the stars as a child and dreamt of blasting off into outer space, then realizing you have a knack for tech could lead you in that direction. While becoming an astronaut also requires a certain level of … [Read more...]

The Features of a Virtual Dedicated Hosting Server

It is necessary to have a mentor if one wants to succeed in business. However, more than a mentor, it is necessary to have good selling products. Otherwise a mentor can do little. None the less, the biggest of all is the necessity to have a virtual dedicated hosting server. You can be selling anywhere or doing any kind of business but it won’t work until you have a fully functional website. It is then that service providers of servers come into picture. Image source Pixabay How to choose the best virtual dedicated hosting server possible? It is necessary at this point that you … [Read more...]

Short Guide On Creating Email Templates In Salesforce

A lot of your energy will be saved when you save the best versions of your emails you write all the time. Therefore creating email templates are necessary when required specially when use Salesforce CRM. The email templates are particularly valuable when used in Salesforce. Here the templates are automatically integrated with the leads you have and are auto-logged in the CRM. These templates can also be shared team-wide in Salesforce CRM. Creating email templates in Salesforce allows the managers to maintain the consistency of the highest performing email templates and the connect rate of … [Read more...]

What Is Online Trading and How Effective Is It?

Ever wondered how the digital world changed our lifestyle? Thanks to it, we are now living in a faster and easier way in life. A lot has been changed over the last few years. We’ve been improving and innovating hand in hand, and because of this, we have got tons of new ideas. This goes for trading as well; our way of buying and selling products had all gone digitally. Today, we now call it “online trading”. Although it is known by several people, do we really understand what is online trading? It’s one of the best ways to earn money. It can really help you grow your profits. Just by … [Read more...]

1byone Digital Wireless Smart Body Fat Scale Review

If you read my blpg before you know that I love to review cool gadgets. The latest thing I got for review was the 1byone Digital Wireless Smart Body Fat Scale with Phone and Tablet App to Manage Your Weight, Advanced Bluetooth Technology to Monitor Your Diet. Like any tech enthusiast I like to watch The Big Bang Theory and in one episode Sheldon says to the guys "Everything is better with Bluetooth"! I wanted to test Sheldon's theory while testing this smart scale. The 1byone Wireless Smart Body Fat Scale is in fact a modern scale which incorporates Bluetooth technology for … [Read more...]