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Archives for July 2016

How Capturing Live Streaming Video from Internet has been made Simple

Movavi Screen Capture Studio has been designed for capturing and recording real time screen activity. Making use of this live streaming video recording software, you would be able to record live action in your computer. The software enables you to save the recorded video on to your hard drive with ease. It would not be wrong to suggest that the program has been an ultimate tool for recording and watching your video for later. You could do number of functions with the state of the art features that the software has to offer. Recording of online events, various TV shows and educational programs … [Read more...]

Top amazing technologies that will help prevent traffic jams

It seems like we have already come a long way over the last hundred years, bringing the kind of evolution to cars that would never have been thought possible at first. But as cars have become more plentiful and affordable, others problems have raised their heads. Traffic jams are a fact of modern life, albeit one of the most annoying wastes of time we can possibly come across. With commuters having to face jams every day, it’s time to ask whether there is anything we can do with technology to make them a thing of the past. Here are the top developments which could seriously stop traffic jams … [Read more...]

What Every IT Department Needs to be Successful

As more businesses rely on technology for their daily operations, it's imperative that companies big and small have an Information Technology department that can handle whatever comes its way. However, no matter the size of a company, there are certain aspects of an IT department which are needed to ensure success. Image sent by author Creation of New Programs Within an IT department, it's vital that programmers be able to create new programs that meet the needs of the business. Rather than focusing on programming that may get more attention, such as creating video games or … [Read more...]

The Oncoming Storm: 4 Reasons to Fear the Cloud

Cloud operations and storage has become increasingly popular due to the connectivity and convenience it provides. With all the benefits, however, there are glaring dangers to operating on a cloud network. Here are four major reasons to fear the oncoming storm. Image sent by author Accessibility from the Outside Due to the nature of cloud technology, there are an increased number of entry ways available to hackers. Having the connectivity of the internet can be beneficial, though the need for increased security is vital - especially when handling sensitive materials. Additionally, … [Read more...]

7 Best Travel Apps That Will Make Your Holidays Stress-Free

Planning a trip away can be complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. There’s tons of information to remember and a lot of things you need to figure out, but you won’t have to spend hours taking research and writing out itineraries if you outsource the job to these great travel apps. Take some of the stress out of your vacation by letting your smartphone handle all the hard parts. Image source Pixabay Hopper Booking a flight is never fun. Airfare goes up and down. You have to worry about layovers, sometimes overnight, in countries you never intended to visit. That’s what Hopper … [Read more...]

How To Repair Your Favorite Gadgets Without Breaking The Bank

As a gadget owner, you will come across that dreaded time when you need a repair. A screen will crack. A button will stop responding. A unit will become unhinged. You don’t have to break your bank because of it, however. The following are three ways you can repair your favorite gadgets without having to spend all of your money. Image sent by author Try a DIY Job You may want to try to fix the unit yourself if you are mechanically inclined. Depending on the problem, the parts may be inexpensive. You will have the most reasonable labor cost in the market. The downside is that you … [Read more...]

Digital Doctor: 5 Troubleshooting Tips for Sick Computers

Few things can be more frustrating than a computer having technical issues. It may prevent you from retrieving important files, using the internet or completing your work. There are many things that can go wrong with a computer. To help, below are five common problems that you may be able to troubleshoot on your own. Image sent by author 1. Corrupted User Profile Under certain circumstances, a Windows profile may become unusable. If that is the case, you may not be able to log in to the profile at all even with the correct password. When this occurs, the easiest solution is to … [Read more...]

5 New Gadgets to Help You Run a Successful Laboratory

Science is an imperfect process built on experimentation, making efficient work essential for running a successful lab. Using the wrong tools can force even the best scientists to repeat the same experiment or push false discoveries with incorrect results. The latest and greatest technology can keep a laboratory running smoothly and efficiently. Image sent by author Tablets and Smartphones They're commonly used to play games or call home, but modern mobile devices are gaining widespread laboratory use. A good tablet can efficiently replace clipboards and lab computers at the same … [Read more...]

How to protect your Wi-Fi from unwanted intruders

People being able to access your Wi-Fi may not be as common as it used to be, but the damage that intruders can cause when they do access your Wi-Fi is increasingly becoming more dangerous. If you leave your Wi-Fi network vulnerable, you will become putty in the hands of malicious users whose primary goal is to gain access to your network and the information that’s being transmitted to it. Image sent by author It’s always good to know a few tips and tricks to keep your computer and your information safe and in this article, you will find valuable information on how to protect your … [Read more...]

4 Technologies Your Business Should Update Immediately

Staying technologically updated is an important part of running a business in today’s world. It helps you look professional, reach your customers with ease, and maintain an effective marketing strategy. Here are some key areas where your business might need an immediate update. Image sent by author 1. Your Website Having an updated, speedy website is important to attract online customers. Even if your business primarily operates out of a physical store, your website serves to attract customers and direct them to you. With more and more people using tablets and smartphones on a … [Read more...]