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Archives for September 2016

AnyTrans – Prepare Your New iPhone 7/7 Plus For Immediate Use

The new iPhone 7 and its Plus brother are sweeping over the globe. However, before using it, buyers still have to configure it in their own familiar way at first. That means personal settings, music & photo migrations, app installations and file transfers. If you are wondering how to finish all those in an easy way, here I’ll share some quick steps to make your new iPhone ready. Clone Content from Your Old iPhone into The New iPhone 7 AnyTrans acts as an all-in-one iOS content manager that lets you transfer selected files from your iPhone, iPod or iPad to the computer without the … [Read more...]

Thwart the Hackers: 6 Tips For Perfecting Online Business Security

The internet allows companies to reach out to a national, and even international, customer base. However, online businesses are often targeted by hackers, and it's important to mount a robust defense. Here are six tips for perfecting your online business security. Image sent by author Password Security There's no one-size-fits-all approach to password security, but putting forth the effort to use strong passwords can cause most hackers to move on. Don't rely on dictionary-based words, even if you append numbers or symbols to the end. Any random elements you add improve your … [Read more...]

Customize Your Gadgets. Create Your Own Xbox One Console, Controller and our iPhone 7 Cases

I like that this days we can customize and personalize almost everything. I am a huge fan of personalizing my gadgets and creating unique items and I found a site Called Skinit which allows me to make custom cases for my devices. In today's post I will show you how to create your own cases for Xbox one, and iPhone 7. Customizing something is really easy. My first attempt was to create a Xbox One Case. The first step is to provide an image. TIP: there are a lot of cool image which you can use for free at https://pixabay.com. Images source Skinit.com For creating a Xbox case I … [Read more...]

3 Techie Gadgets to Help You Explore the Outdoors

Although our lives may be busy, hectic and full of surprises, new science has shown that Mother Nature may be the one element we've failed to utilize to align our lives. In fact, research has shown that a mere walk in the woods can increase the amount of white blood cells (the cells used to fight disease and sickness) and lower your blood pressure. However, you don't have to abandon your favorite technological devices in order to get back in touch with your roots! Image sent by author Drones Drones seem to be on the tip of everyone's tongue in the new technology economy with … [Read more...]

IT Guy? 5 Pieces Of Equipment You Can’t Live Without

You IT folks fulfill an important role. In filling this role, you may often be found working with wires, computers, software, and other office equipment. Your unique role offers unique challenges. However, it seems as though modern thinking has done quite well in filling the gaps, creating ingenious ways around such challenges. In this exact spirit of ingenuity, we take a look at five ingenious items that IT folks particularly relish having around. Image sent by author Zipboard In IT work, there are often times when note-taking is necessary in documenting the step-by-step of an … [Read more...]

Drawing Inspiration from Nature: 5 Technologies Based on Animals

Humans may have opposable thumbs, but it takes a lot more than that to rise to the forefront of innovation. Animals have evolved traits to make them more adept at necessary survival skills, and humans do a lot of inventing to face the same challenges. Brilliant creators have derived inspiration from animal qualities, and made adaptable devices that allow humans to have the same capabilities. Image source Pixabay Echolocation Helps The Blind A lot of animals, particularly those that live in the depths of the ocean or other environments with insufficient light, use natural sonar to … [Read more...]

Autumn Essentials for Techy Gentlemen

Autumn is right around the corner, which means for much of the country, it's time to put away the shorts and sneakers, and pull out the sweaters and jackets from the closet. Whether you're a college student or own a successful business, staying in line with current trends and dressing to impress are always good habits to keep. These are the must-have men's accessories for fall. Image source Pixabay Sunglasses It may seem counter-intuitive to list sunglasses first (after all, this list is for autumn essentials, not summer essentials), but remember that with fall comes a sun that is … [Read more...]

5 of the Best Ways to Use Your Computer to Its Full Potential

If there is one thing both developers and users can agree on, it is the notion that the personal computer has not yet reached its full potential. Even if we leave aside everything but education, the proof we aren't making full use of the tools and technologies we've invented is there isn't a single school district in America with a comprehensive computer curriculum universally available to its students. Image sent by author If computers have potential beyond what we've utilized so far, how can we get the most benefit from our computers? Education If there is one thing a … [Read more...]

Finding The Right Ad Agency

In today's world capturing attention and promoting your website and business is vital. Probably the hardest thing is to get people's attention. In the modern environment the average number of ads an adult sees daily is 360 according to the Sjinsights.net. Image source adage.com So people are overwhelmed by commercials and ads and if we want their attention our ads must step up. Working with experts is the easiest way because creating the right campaign for a brand is a difficult task and it involves a lot of knowledge. There are ad agencies which can really help with creating … [Read more...]

5 Ways Video Gaming Can Change The World

Video gaming might be passed off as a time-wasting hobby by many, but it’s far from that. In fact, video gaming can change the world. Here are 5 ways in which it is doing just that. Image source Pixabay Development of new technology One of the main drives for video gaming is always to provide a better experience for the player. This means working on better graphics, which gives us new systems created just for making those graphics or displaying them. It means going 3D, something that became available on handheld systems and is now spreading to televisions and other devices. … [Read more...]