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Archives for November 2016

Creating a Better Business App and What Yours Might be Missing

Most people download new apps every week, and if you are not using them as part of your business plan, you could be missing out on some amazing tools. Your company should use productivity apps and social networking ideas to get a head start in advertising and marketing. If you want to connect with people in a positive and useful way, make sure your business app does more than just sell a product, be creative, and find out ways to make it more useful for your customers and your business. Image sent by author Collaborate with Your Design Team Work closely with your design team as … [Read more...]

Technology and Football of the Future

The face of football is changing. Today video replays are just one of the ways technology is enabling referees to take a second look at incidents to help ensure correct decisions are made. Goal-line technology including the Carios GLT system, goal refs and goal minder's, using magnetic fields to confirm whether the ball has crossed the goal-line, along with video based systems are also playing a huge part in top flight matches. In the future further technological advances look set to change the way the game is played. In the future cameras mounted onto player's kit will provide fans with a … [Read more...]

Lemurlock – The First One-Piece Cable Lock/Bike Lights

Stolen bike lights suck. At best, they mean you have to buy what you already bought...again. At worst, it can mean riding home in a dangerous situation. Meet Lemurlock: the first one-piece cable lock/bike lights that keep your lights just as safe as your bike. Images sent by author Lemurlock also takes the place of your current cable lock, so you're not only locking your lights--you're also locking your bike with the same satisfying click. Here's how it works: while riding, both lights clip into a mounting bracket on the handlebars and seat post (not enough seat post real estate? … [Read more...]

MacX Video Converter Pro Giveaway.

The guys from the MacX Video Converter Pro have a special giveaway. For Thanksgiving they giveaway their best product - MacX Video Converter Pro. You can claim your free copy from https://www.macxdvd.com/giveaway/giveaway.htm. The offer is valid until Dec. 5 and the number of copies are limited so if you want a free license go get it now.         … [Read more...]

WordPress – (Still) the Most Wanted SMB Website Platform in the World

Anybody who has ever visited any website knows that the design and appearance are extremely important features of an attractive website. Nevertheless, this beautifully composed and organized unit would be nothing without a firm underlying structure. That construction keep everything you add to your website safe and easily accessible. Although now website owners can choose from dozens of various structures, one platform still remains the most reliable option for SMBs – WordPress. Now you’ll see for yourself why this is the case. Images sent by author Professional developers People … [Read more...]

How Modern Fabrics Have Changed in the Last Decade

With so many new technological advances in so many areas of our lives, the huge advances that have been made in the textile industry should come as no surprise. Though the majority of fabrics have stayed the same since the advent of woven and knitted threads, there are certain few textiles that are changing. In the past decade alone, incredible new experiments and technologies have made it possible to construct fabrics from such various elements as red wine and wood pulp. In addition to using new materials, the textile industry has also come along in leaps and bounds when it comes to smart … [Read more...]

How to Secure Your Wireless Network

Here are a number of ways that you can use to make sure that your Wi-Fi at home is as secure as you can make it, so that not only others cannot use your connection but also nobody can access your files and gain private information about yourself. Image source Pixabay Make sure that you have enabled encryption on your router, as using 128-bit encryption or greater makes your Wi-Fi network more secure. In fact, it is advisable to use WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access), as this has proven to be more secure than WEP (Wired Equivalent Policy). Create a router access password. The best … [Read more...]

The Five Best Alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Note 7 made headlines after its recent launch, but not for the reasons the brand might have hoped. What’s more surprising is that a majority of Note 7 owners continued to use their devices for weeks after the official recall was announced. Apparently reports of phones literally bursting into flames and Samsung’s subsequent decision to discontinue the Note 7 isn’t enough to move users to switch devices. Image source Pixabay So what will inspire fans to retire the Note 7 in favor of a safer smartphone? How about all of the great alternatives to the Galaxy Note 7! There are plenty … [Read more...]

Locate Electronic Payment System Equipment for a Small Commercial Venture

Despite the fact that utilizing an electronic payment framework implies a trouble free money transaction, you need to acknowledge what possible hardware and software is required to prepare payments electronically. Until you gather adequate comprehension regarding this matter, setting up a business, in this competitive era, would be difficult for you. Set up your business with the best possible mechanism to recognize each electronic payment that comes to your direction, whether it is using the web, placing by phone, or occurring through the mail. PC and Internet Connection A necessary … [Read more...]