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Archives for January 2017

Stale Smartphone? 5 Ways to Deck It Out

Smartphones were once the newest, hottest thing, but now that everyone has them and the designs haven't changed much in the last few years, you might be finding yourself getting a little bored with yours. Here are five of the coolest ways to deck out your stale smartphone. Image sent by author 1. New Case Smartphone cases have been around since the inception of smartphones, and you likely already have one for your phone. But consider switching it out for something different - there are truly some creative alternatives out there. A new case can make even an old phone look like a … [Read more...]

The Most Popular Gadgets In 2017

Because I was curious which gadgets people use most often I asked a a question on Quora (Which gadgets do you use most often?). I am still getting answers but I was able to reach a conclusion. We love tech gadgets and probably the most used gadgets are: The smartphone/phone 2. The tablet 3. The computer 4. The audio player and headphones/speakers 5. The ebook reader And probably the Bluetooth headset will become a popular device this year. … [Read more...]

3 Techy Gadgets To Help Step Up Your IPhone

It is hard to imagine returning to a pre-smartphone life. These pocket sized devices help us navigate the world around us, search for nearly anything imaginable, and share our lives with family and friends. Although still included in the name, these devices have become so much more than phones and are integrated into almost every aspect of our lives. One of the most popular smartphones of all time is the iPhone by Apple. Although great on its own, there are a few ways that you can step up your iPhone experience and generate even more utility with the device. Image sent by … [Read more...]

Three Technological Strategies That Can Keep Your Business Growing

These days, technological advancements have made it easier for business owners to run their companies effectively. In recognizing this reality, it's a good idea for company leaders to use technological strategies to ensure that their businesses can grow in a dynamic manner. Below you will find just three of many technological strategies you can use to keep your organization growing: 1. Invest In A New Connector. One technological strategy you can deploy to keep your business growing is investing in a new connector. Companies like I-Pex offer a wide range of these products, including the … [Read more...]

Test Your Mobile Knowledge Quiz [Infographic]

Almost every one of us is using mobile phones these days. From calling, listening music, instant messaging, using apps, social media we are using mobile phones for various purposes. There are some really interesting things about mobiles that every one of us should know about. So, take a small quiz and test your knowledge about how much do you know about mobile phones. The fascinating infographic is created by Mobilecozmo an online mobile store in Jordan. Infographic Provided by Mobilecozmo Online Mobile Shopping Store: Mobilecozmo.com … [Read more...]

An In-Depth Look At Car Hacking

Car Cracking by SELECT CAR LEASING. … [Read more...]

4 Ways Robotics are Playing a Role in Medical Technology

Robotics systems have been employed in medical and health care technology since 2000, when the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the Da Vinci robotic system for use in surgery. Since then, the technology of medical robotics has rapidly advanced. These four innovative robotics solutions could revolutionize the way that people receive essential health care and diagnostic services. Image sent by author Supply and Delivery Robots The Antheon TUG robot is an automated robot that can be programmed to deliver medicines, supplies and even food to patients in medical … [Read more...]

Tech Breakthroughs in Home Security

When you use a remote monitoring app, you can watch your home from a remote location. When you are on a beach that is thousands of miles away from your home, you can receive videos of your home in real-time. Some monitoring systems can send you emergency alerts. The system can send you a message if there is a fire or a carbon monoxide leak. You can stream the security camera footage, and you will know if an intruder is in your home. Some security systems can also enable and disable your security system. Images sent by author Smart locks are one of the best inventions in modern … [Read more...]

Will Robots Replace Your Job? These Industries at Risk

Anyone who has seen the movie "WALL-E" can imagine a world where computers and robots do just about all of the hard work, while humans essentially sit back and relax. While we're not likely to reach that status at any point in our lifetimes, there's no denying that robotics are changing the way a number of industries operate. Image source Pixabay For now, robots are not causing a huge rush to the unemployment office. However, improvements in technology are leading to positive disruption across multiple industries. Here is a quick look at six. Automotive When it comes to … [Read more...]

3 Incredible Ways Technology Has Improved Efficiency In The Medical World

Given the exponential nature of automated innovation, technology has grown firm roots across commerce and industry. In just two or three decades, what was once seen as an expensive frivolity has become instrumental. Even simple household appliances carry technologically enhanced 'smart' capabilities. Thus, critical fields carry a predilection for quality technology. If a toaster can be intelligent, one would hope that preferential attention has been paid to essential industries. Although profit is usually the driving factor, the human cause will prevail. This notion is exemplified in the realm … [Read more...]