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Archives for February 2017

The Future Of Mankind?

Will this be our future? This infographic shows you the healing of tomorrow.     by Gap Medics. … [Read more...]

7 Cool Bicycle Gadgets

Biking is a great way to reduce stress and stay in shape. Therefore, it is paramount that, apart from other forms of exercise, we include biking in our daily workout routines. Thanks to new technological advancements there are now gadgets which can make our biking experience more enjoyable, comfortable and easy. In order to help you make your biking trips better, we have singled out a couple of great gadgets that you can opt for. Image source pixabay Safety first We all know that safety is paramount on the road, and therefore it’s important to have all the protection you can get … [Read more...]

How to keep your data safe?

These days, when all life seems to be happening in internet, it's more important than ever to think about the security of your data. Problems might arise through various ways, be it through hacks, or through malfunction of your computer. The suggestions below should help you protect yourself from both of these problems. Image source Pixabay Passwords You might not believe this, or worse, you can and are doing it yourself as well, but even today the most usual passwords many people use are 'password' or '012345678'. This kind of passwords have two problems. Firstly, if someone was … [Read more...]

Will The Microsoft Surface Phone Be The Ultimate Mobile Phone?

Microsoft is preparing the launch of the Surface Phone. We can expect to see this phone on the market this year even in 2018. Image source sciencetimes The Microsoft Surface Phone will probably be powered by Windows 10 and besides coming with good tech specifications it will also come with apps designed for it and improved connectivity. Source sciencetimes.com … [Read more...]

A Cool Gadget The Trudeau Bottle Cap Catcher

I just stumbled upon a gadgets which is cool the Trudeau Bottle Cap Catcher. Images source Amazon The Trudeau Bottle Cap Catcher is an interesting ideas, It catches catches and stores the bottle's cap. This device is quite cool and it costs less than $10 at Amazon.   … [Read more...]

iPhone Projector Concept

The guys from imwm.org presented a cool idea for an iPhone projector. Just see the image. This is only a concept but there are some mini projectors available on the market like the Magnasonic PP71 which is currently being sold on Amazon.       … [Read more...]

The Coolest Gadget For A Dog Or Cat Owner?

Today I stumbled upon a cool gadget for a dog owner. It is called Programmable Pet Feeder and it allows you to feed your dog or you cat automatically. Image source Thegadgetflow The best part of this device is that it can be programed. You can select the food's quantity and program when do you want the pet to be fed. And it will be a great help for the ones who are busy. The Programmable Pet Feeder can hold 10 pounds of dry food for pets. This gadgets costs $41.15 USD and you can get one from Thegadgetflow.com. … [Read more...]

3 Star Wars Gadgets That Every Fan Should Have

The Star Wars is one of the best sci-fi films ever made. Millions of people are loving this. In this article you will find 3 star wars gadgets that every fan should own. Below you can find my favorite gizmos (there are hundreds of cool Star wars products on the market). #3. Starwars Walkie Talkies These are the coolest walkie talkies I ever saw. One features Darth Vader and the other and Storm Trooper. These can be used to plan an attack against the rebels. :) The Starwars Walkie Talkies gizmos won't break the bank. They cost £12.00 and you can get them from Wilko.com. #2. … [Read more...]

Get the Wedding Pics of a Lifetime Using Drones

You've planned your dream wedding, from the dresses to the cake, and are now looking for something truly unique. Impress your friends and family with wedding pictures like they have never seen before, by buying or renting a good camera drone to gain a whole new perspective on marriage. Image source Pixabay Professional Photos While your professional photographer is lining up you and your bridal party, groomsmen, and other important attendees for photographs, use a drone to fly overhead to see things from an aerial view. Plan a few shots looking up towards the drone as well, and a … [Read more...]

High-tech Kitchen Gadgets for 2017

The fact that your kitchen hasn’t changed its appearance since the ‘90s doesn’t mean that things haven’t progressed. In fact, with all the technological innovations of the modern-day society, the kitchen of today may actually look Jetsons-esque in comparison to that of the late 20th century. If you are a gadget nerd who wants their kitchen to be as modern as possible, these neat devices will make your head spin! Image source Pixabay Samsung Smart Fridge We live in the world of smart technologies – everything from phones to cars has earned the “smart” prefix to its name and … [Read more...]